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Over the past year or so, my family has made a huge change when it comes to how we eat. While we still grab a not so healthy snack once in awhile, we try to grab only the healthy snacks. With that being said, I have a love for SWEETS! Finding sweets that are both healthy and that will satisfy me have been a little challenge.

So when I was contacted to see if I would be interested in reviewing Wholesome Cravings Gluten-Free Protein Snack Cake Mixes, I had to say YES.

Wholesome Cravings was started by Bageshree Blasius. She’s a mother, a lawyer, and has a love for food. She craved all those foods that aren’t so good for you such as breads, muffins, and cookies. Wanting to set a good example for her children as well as needing to lose a few pounds, she started reading labels.

Have you read labels? If not I suggest it, if you cannot pronounce the ingredients in the product, chances are it’s not that great for you. Ms. Blasius, tried many different products on the market to not only satisfy her cravings, but that was also healthy, when she discovered nothing was going to make her taste buds happy, she started playing around in the kitchen.

After mixing and baking she finally came up with the pumpkin protein snack cake, she shared with friends and family, and they all loved it and couldn’t believe that the product was as healthy as she was claiming. Ms. Blasius started playing with more ingredients and came up with even more healthy bliss, however, being a busy mom can often times get in the way so she had to take a break. That was until she met her partner Monica Marshall.

Ms. Marshall, was a bit different from Ms. Blasius. While she was a busy mom, she also was good in sales and marketing, but she loved junk food. She wouldn’t read labels, and and wouldn’t consider eating something with whole grains or flax in them. Both ladies sound like me then and now.

When Ms. Marshall, tried the pumpkin bar she was pleasantly happy, and she knew she could sell the product. That is when Wholesome Cravings was reborn.

They currently have four different types of snack mixes

Wholesome CravingsWe were sent one of each to try for ourselves.


One thing I liked about the product is they’re both gluten and dairy free. With wanting a little chocolate fix we went and made the Decadent Chocolate Chip first.

wholesomecravings wholesomecravings2

We did use sugar in the mix because that is the only sweetener we had, I would have rather used a natural sweetener, but I am not sure how it would have came out.

IMAG0924 IMAG0925

After we had everything mixed we were able to put them in the oven and wait. I was excited to see what they were going to taste like. Because I to have a weakness for breads, cakes, and all those other bad carbs. I have learned to limit myself, I wanted to see if this was going to be the snack that was going to help me with my urges.

This particular batch is about 7 servings. Once it came out of the oven we were ready to sample.


All I have to say is YUM. I thought this was the baby of a cake/brownie. It was different, but it was satisfying, which was what I was looking for. We have also tried the Banana Chocolate Chip, so far we like both of them. I personally feel this is a great snack alternative to those “cakes” we purchase on the store shelves.

If you would like to give Wholesome Cravings a try head on over to their website WholesomeCravings.com and put your order in! Wholesome Cravings snack mixes retail for $5.99. You may also be able to find these products in retail stores in the Vermont area.

Make sure to follow Wholesome Cravings on Facebook where you will find other wholesome tips for eating healthy.


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  1. I’ve mostly cut out buying things with ingredients I can’t pronounce. This would be good to put in place of them.

  2. Mary Happymommy says:

    The banana chocolate chip sounds really good.

  3. Jessica Lodge says:

    It’s unbelievable the things that are put into packaged food. I read labels all of the time and try to avoid things that I can’t pronounce or that have corn syrup in them. Wholesome Cravings sound like a nice alternative to other cake mixes. I think I would go for Pumpkin Spice first.

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