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3D Printing Has Changed Things Up

If you haven’t noticed by now, my husband and I got a 3D printer. I have to admit this thing is pretty badass. With only having the printer for three weeks, I think we are coming a long well with our business Neat Things in 3D. We have been advertising both online, and local. We have scheduled our first vendor event for April, and I have to say I am a bit excited.

One thing I like about the machine is being able to print pretty much anything. When we get things going we will be also investing in different types of plastic. We are currently printing in ABS, which is the same type that is used to make legos! Yes, that is awesome!

We plan to print to order products for online sales, we have an Etsy store up as well as a store front on the Neat Things in 3D site. We have a little under two months to get product printed for our local show, so far we have retro pacman earrings, retro frogger earrings, domo earrings, Tennessee Vols keychains, hello kitty keychains, and we are working on smaller heart gears right now.

If you would like to keep up with what we are making and how we are doing follow us on Facebook, twitter and you can watch my Instagram, where I will post pictures here and there.

What are some things you would love to see printed?

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  1. That is so neat. You are the first people I’ve met who have a 3D printer. Look forward to seeing the stuff you make.


    Jammie Morey Reply:

    We have had the printer now for almost a month. We have discovered you can do so much with this machine, and if you have the proper materials, you can literally make anything!


  2. Jessica Lodge says:

    It’a funny they just had a story line on Greys Anatomy that involved a 3D machine and I thought that was pretty cool . I had no idea that they were accessible to the general public. I love the idea of the Custom 3D Printed Infant Foot Lithopane!


    Jammie Morey Reply:

    They have been available to the general public for awhile, the problem is the price of them. The price has come down some so that the general public can afford them. The things they can do with the 3D printer at a medical level is amazing.


  3. Danielle F. says:

    I have always wanted a 3D printer – I think that they are pretty amazing and I am always amazed when they print something 3D.


    Jammie Morey Reply:

    My husband has wanted one for sometime, I was a bit iffy, I have to say though, this thing is neat.


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