Anti-Spam Plugin Really Work?

I have been battling spam comments for awhile. I would wake up and have hundreds of spam. Wading through all the spam to get actual comments was a pain. I felt very overwhelmed with all the junk comments, and I tried several captcha plugins, and it seemed those were still allowing spam comments to come through.

I tried two different spam control plugins in hopes one would get the spam bots, and nothing seemed to work. I can only see so many of the same spam comments before I explode. I knew something needed to be done, so I went to the plugin section of wordpress, and searched.

I found one that looked simple. The main thing that caught my eye was the description…


I was very interested after reading no captcha, then seeing no moderation queues! This was going to be heaven, I was going to be able to block spam and not have to push the annoying captchas to you my readers, nor was I going to have the overwhelming headache of deleting hundreds of spam crap comments a day!

However, usually things like this are to good to be true. I mean I have tried several that claimed to do about the same, but it seemed like I got more junk comments. Well I woke up this morning, and I would normally find hundreds of comments I found NONE! Yes, I know I shouldn’t be happy for no comments, but I am happy, because most all comments I had been getting were spam!

So I am thrilled, and thus far Anti-spam is the only plugin I have found to work. I have no clue where those comments are going, and I really don’t care. Hopefully, this new plugin will not interfere with giveaways, if so I will change things up again. If you have a problem leaving a comment please contact me.

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