Band Class and Musical Instruments

When I was in high school I decided I wanted to be in band. So my mom went out and got me a clarinet. Let me first start out by saying playing musical instruments is not easy. Since my mom played the clarinet when she was younger she tried to give me some pointers, one thing I learned was if you try to make out with the instrument you will mess the reed up.

Yes, while I didn’t make out with it, I did get the reed pretty wet, this was due to not really knowing how to have my mouth on the mouth piece. This lead to many chipped reeds, and if you ever played the clarinet you know this is no good. Needless to say I ended up giving up on the clarinet and dropped out of band class.

My niece is currently in the same position I was in when I went to school. However, she knows a little more about playing then I did. If when I was younger, I knew of a place I could have gotten reeds for a decent price, I may have stuck to it. If you know someone who was like me you can get them Alexander Reeds at WWBW.

Don’t let a soggy reed stop you from learning to play a musical instrument.

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