Beware When Selling On eBay and Using Paypal

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I have been a member of eBay and paypal since 2004, I have never once had an issue with either. I have 100% positive feedback on eBay, and my standing with paypal is excellent. So excellent, I was granted a Bill Me Later account with them. I recently, decided to start selling items I no longer use or need on eBay so that it would help pay bills. Things are slow on my end and bills need paid.

I think this may have been a BIG mistake…

I had a $50 itunes gift card that I placed for sale on eBay, I set the price to $30 with the buy it now of $50. By the end of the day it was purchased. Monday the 17th, I received a notice it was purchased using the Buy it Now button, then a message from the buyer…

hello. i just bought itunes gift $50. please scratch the card and send me the code. i need the code to use ASAP. thank you

– jacks-sharr


I had no problem doing this, I NEVER had an issue before. I even had it in my description I would do this for the person, so they didn’t have to wait. When I am purchasing things online I hate waiting. I went into paypal to verify they did pay for the item, I compared both eBay and paypal information. Both email address, and home address all matched. So I seen no issue in sending them the code.

I sent the code through eBay message I have all the proof… Again I didn’t see this as an issue. This morning I watch up to an email from paypal…

An unauthorized account activity claim was recently filed against the
following transaction.

Oh no that bitch DID NOT!

I go to paypal and look at the dispute they want information showing the person got the code… I sent the screenshots, then I reported the buyer to eBay, called eBay on the phone.

eBay informed me that when it was all said and done, I would still receive the funds because they seen where the person did get the code, I was transferred over to paypal to discuss the dispute with them, and they to said once it was over I would get the funds. However, I informed him of the scam this person is pulling this same person purchased 3 other itunes gift cards on eBay with the same account…

I explained to him that I have been a member since 2004 and how unfair this whole process is… I mean that was $50 going towards my electric bill that is due next week, if I don’t have the money I will be shut off, why do you think I am selling things on eBay, then to wake up to this… Yes, I am not in a good state of mind right now and I want to blow.

So this guy assures me, just like the eBay rep that I was going to still get the $50, however, the guy wants to discuss this with someone else puts me on hold, and then I get another rep on the phone. This lady was something else…

Said basically if it comes back this account was unauthorized I am the one screwed. I explained to her what happened, she said I wasn’t protected as a seller because I sent the code via eBay message. EVEN though two other people one from eBay and one from Paypal have already told me I AM protected…

She basically said if the IP addresses don’t match it was unauthorized.

So what does this mean? It means you can pretty much spoof your ip address go purchase a bunch of gift cards have them sent to you via eBay message, and then cancel payment.


I am sick to my stomach right now, and if eBay and Paypal fail to protect me after I have been an honest and loyal customer for 10 years, I will be removing myself from both platforms. It’s bad enough to be scammed from someone from eBay, a site you were supposed to be able to trust, but to also be scammed from them and paypal, I cannot handle.

I hopefully will no the outcome within the next 10 days. I have bills due so this is even more upsetting. :(

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