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When I was going to school, I don’t know how many times my mom had to treat our heads, as well as everything in the home. After treating our heads, she would then bag everything up and head to the basement for that process where no laundry gets left behind, all bedding, all stuffed animals, and even the carpets need cleaned.

I remember her going to the store and getting those “bombs” to set off, and we would all have to leave the house for hours because of the chemicals. This was never fun, not for us girls and surely not for mom, and the money it costs to treat, that is another story in itself.

With school in session, I am sure many of you have had or know of someone who has had to take the above steps to make sure you get all those pests out of your home.

What if I told you there is a safer, and possibly easier way to clean your house of lice? ClearLice has the solution for a problem who many of us will have to or already have faced in our lifetime. ClearLice offers a 100% natural solution to battle the bugs that make your head itch. Their lice treatment and removal system, is not only natural it’s also safe. It has no toxic chemicals, so no need to leave the home.

ClearLice, isn’t a product made overseas and sent to the US, it is a product manufactured here in the USA in FDA certified Laboratories, and unlike the other products out there to help “remove” headlice, ClearLice had a peppermint scent, so your kids will not get a headache due to the smell of their head.

Watch the short video below to see how ClearLice works to eliminate the problem without chemicals!

Have you ever battled headlice? What are some ways you work to rid them from your home?

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