eBay and Paypal Mess Resolved For Me

This was the biggest mess, I have ever dealt with when it comes to both eBay and Paypal, and I am glad it is over with for me. If you’re unsure of the issue please go here and here and get caught up. Hurry up I will wait after all I was on hold with paypal for over 2 hours today.


I woke up this morning to a message on eBay from one of the people that was also scammed. One the 19th there was 4 of us that got the “unauthorized access” email from paypal. I contacted both eBay and Paypal, and a report was supposed to be made, and I was waiting for the end results. I am not rich I don’t make a killing, and well I need my money for those things in life called bills.

Anyways the message I received was “This person just purchased two more itunes gift cards” So my question now is… If this persons account was hacked on the 19th, why on the 21st are more cards being purchased… I quickly emailed both parties, and told them to get ready for the unauthorized access. I quickly got a response back that it was to late, this person also tried to purchase another 18 cards at $50 a piece, and the seller refunded the money and canceled the purchase.

This person is targeting people that post they will send the code via eBay message once they have the code they’re claiming unauthorized access, because once an item is sent via message, the seller is no longer protected.

After I contacted both people I contacted eBay yet again, another report was filed and this is when I was transfered over to paypal. I sat on hold for not 1 minutes, not 10 minutes, not 1 hour, but 2 hours! I then decided to hang up and call back. This time I spoke with someone who informed me he couldn’t help me but would transfer me to someone who could, I asked him nicely not to put me on hold for 2 hours!

I then got through to someone, I explained to them what happened. Explained this person is targeting people they send the code via message. I expressed this person needs to be stopped. She made it clear DO NOT send codes via message only through postal with tracking, and she refunded me the money which was owed to me, and this person is now being investigated…

Lesson learned, don’t make things easier for the people on eBay, someone is out there who will try to scam you, make them wait on any and all gift cards being sold.

In the meantime, this person is still making purchases and scamming others. In total thus far he has received over $200 in itunes gift codes. I hope iTunes, eBay and paypal shut this person down.

Don’t be a victim of scam while selling on eBay, ALWAYS get tracking and NEVER send codes through eBay message.

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