Mother’s Day 2014: What about Grandma?

In 2014, the eleventh day of May marks the 100th Anniversary of Mother’s Day being recognized as a national holiday in the United States. This is a special time to reflect on how much our mothers will always mean to us. However, even though there is a Grandparent’s Day each year (first Sunday after Labor Day), why not make this special Mother’s Day anniversary a special one for Grandma, Great-Grandma, or Great-Great-Grandma as well?

Every year flower shops and candy stores prepare for Mother’s Day because besides Valentine’s Day, it is one of the busiest and most profitable days. Greeting card companies also go to great lengths to develop and market their Mother’s Day material. However, the special ladies in your life will be much more touched if you travel off the beaten path to present them with a thoughtful present that reflects how much you truly care.

Write a letter to Grandma

Writing a letter is more personal than sending an E-mail (if Grandma even uses e-mail) or making a phone call. It is an opportunity to show sincere appreciation for her. She will know you invested more than just a few minutes to write her. It might also make Grandma happy to receive mail she was not expecting. Who doesn’t love opening the mailbox and finding a letter?!

Sign Grandma up for a class, club, or seminar

Take advantage of the different programs at your local library, community center, or college. There is usually only a small fee, if any, to sign up for these programs. Whether it is yoga, sewing, cooking, or using the computer, any program can be an opportunity for Grandma to learn something new. It will also keep her mind and body active, which will make for a happier and healthier spirit.

Purchase tickets to the theatre for Grandma

The theatre has always been a very popular form of entertainment since its introduction. This was the movie before cinema movie was introduced. Theatrical presentations are marketed to a much more diverse audience than years ago. You will also find that many of the classic musicals are being brought back to theatres. A live performance in a small venue offers an element of appreciation that may pleasantly move Grammy far beyond her expectations. Check out a various range of events with Ticket Master and, to make the day extra special, be her “plus-one” so you two can share a lasting memory.

Make a reservation at a new restaurant for Grandma

Venture outside of Grandma’s normal eating routine. Invite a group of her friends, or just have your family get together. New experiences are a good way to expand on the routines of life. She just might discover a new food or restaurant she wished she had tried years ago.

Help take care of her home

It’s often seen that, when our loved ones age, they become incapable of taking care of themselves. Spend some time, maybe even bring your kids, and go to her home and tidy up a bit. Make sure to move anything that might be a danger to her. To that point, seniors most often end up in the hospital because of falls. Therefore do anything you can to make their homes safe. A good investment for Mother’s Day, or anytime really, would be to buy her a medical alert device. Companies like Fall Alert produce a tool that can be worn that will alert healthcare assistance if she is in need of help. This is a gift that may never be utilized, but if it is, everyone will be happy it was purchased.

Ask Grandma to help make a family cookbook

Making a family cookbook can be a fun and creative exercise to put together all the family recipes. Though it is not necessarily a gift for Grandma, it can be offered as time spent together to gather the family traditions and heritage. A suggestion might be to have the kids draw an invitation to ask Grandma to help create the cookbook. It can even be sent with a handwritten letter, tickets to the theatre, or restaurant reservations. She should feel like a part of her will be everlasting.

No matter which of these options you choose, selecting one will show you actually thought about her instead of running to your local pharmacy.

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