Update: iTunes, eBay, and Paypal

You can read the complete update here.

I am not one just to sit back and wait. So I went and contacted the other three people who this person scammed on eBay. I found out some information, but still I am not certain what my outcome will be. I found out this person has scammed all four of us, and we all have contacted both eBay and Paypal.

I took it a step farther and contacted iTunes, I have learned this person has indeed used the card, no surprise. I am hoping iTunes will work with paypal, to find out who was the one who applied the card to their itunes account. I have also given the information I have to paypal, in hopes they will dig deeper, if the case is the person really did get hacked.

I am still not buying it 100%, and I have my reasons why. If you are a scammer, you’re not going to keep conversation going with the person you scammed, and why would you bother to leave feedback.

I know one person was given their money back, and informed to NEVER send code to a person again, but send them the actual card. No worries from this side, I will never be nice and attempt to give someone something a little quicker. I know the person who scammed got away with about $100 in itunes credits.

I am hoping itunes does what is right to help stop fraud and turns the people over to paypal, so they can get to the bottom of it, and the person responsible for the scam can be held accountable.

So far out of this whole mess, I have learned that it is easy as hell to scam people on eBay. I know I personally will never fall for it again, and the person who did the scam, well I would like to take my cat punch keychain to them.

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