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Keep Your Home Free of Contaminants

Guest post.

There is nothing worse than having someone track dirt, mud, or “doggy don’ts” onto your clean floor. Even if it has been a while since you cleaned the floor, visually and olfactory-disturbing contaminants from someone’s shoes can wreck your day, especially if you have to stop everything else you are doing to clean it up. A Sticky Mat from a place like can help make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

World Cultures

Most of the world requires that people remove their shoes at the door to the home. Many Asian cultures, Western Europe, and even Alaska require the removal of footwear as good etiquette when visiting someone in the home. There are many practical reasons for this. For example, Alaska is covered in snow and ice, or mud for much of the year. A high priority is not to track that stuff into someone’s home. Houses are heated to a good temperature so that toes do not get cold, and people learn to not wear holey socks. Most hosts have a blanket at the ready for those whose feet get cold no matter how warm the room.

Where Are You Walking?

Even if you live in a place where mud, ice, and snow are not a problem, chances are that you are bringing other contaminants into your home. Oil, gas, pesticides, and other chemicals that people use every day outside can be brought inside on the soles of your shoes. These are not the things that make the diamonds that Paul Simon sings about.

Getting a Sticky Mat at a place like can help you control the amount of contaminants that your home and family face. This is especially important if you have children. Because they are smaller than adults, they can be affected by a smaller amount of chemicals. Your first defense should be to leave your shoes at the door. However, you should have another defense if you cannot ask others to do the same. In the continental United States it is considered gauche to ask a guest to leave his or her shoes at the door. For them, there is a Sticky Mat.

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