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I have been MIA a lot lately, and this is because I have been attempting this weight loss thing again. I am not sure who the person is who figured out all these numbers that come with weight loss, but they annoy me. First off, I have been counting calories, I have been counting my intake of fiber and protein.

I have found it to be a challenge to get in all the protein I need, but with all the counting I am learning proper portions and since I need to get in about 145grams of protein a day, YES a day, I have making sure I eat foods high in protein but low in calories. I have found this task to be a pain in my ass! I was told to get whey protein to help with getting the protein in, however, whey protein is pricey, specially when both my husband and I are working to lose weight.

I have learned low fat cottage cheese rocks for giving me a large amount of protein, makes for a great snack 14 grams of protein and only 90 calories per 1/2 cup. I have learned one 5 ounce can of tuna fish is only 100 calories and will give me 26 grams of protein. I know when I am smaller, I will dislike tuna!

I have learned sugar is everywhere! One glass of milk has 11grams of sugar, that’s totally insane. I am trying to keep my sugar grams below 50 that’s not working out so well for me. However, I am staying under 100grams, and I am not adding sugar to anything, I am staying away from the sweets, and sugary drinks. I treat myself to a little sweets each day, today I had 1 cup plain yogurt (there was no greek at the store I went too…) 1 tbsp all-natural Smuckers peanut butter, and 1 tbsp of honey, mix it together and toda I have a sweet, but not so bad treat. This treat equals about 300 calories and had 14.5 grams of protein.

I have also added a lot of weights and exercise into my day. I try to get 10 to 20 miles on the stationary bike, along with a lot of weights. I sleep so much better at night, and the scales is coming way down. I cannot give the total I have lost yet, I am keeping that secret for the time being. I am still trying to find new foods that are not so high in price and have a huge protein amount in them.

What foods do you eat that are loaded with protein?

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  1. A friend of mine is on a no-sugar diet, and yes sugar is everywhere. Personally, I’m with you, it is frustrating. I’m trying too.

    • Jammie Morey says:

      I couldn’t do a no sugar diet, I am however reducing my sugar intake. I am not adding sugar to anything and I am watching the sugar content in the products I currently eat. It’s amazing how much sugar a person puts in their body without even realizing it.

  2. Yikes, that’s a lot of protein! Not sure if I can be much help, I’m the Carb King! I don’t eat much meat, mostly chicken and get most of my protein from dairy and nuts. You are right, whey can be pricey. Lately though I have been eating dark greens like Kale and Spinach, not a ton of protein but few calories. Good luck!

    • Jammie Morey says:

      Yea, I love my carbs! However, with trying to lose weight carbs have to be reduced. We eat mainly chicken, turkey, and fish. Once in awhile we will have lean beef and pork. We like getting the big bag of greens from walmart and using them for salads! Just need more protein.

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