Bloggers Proceed With Caution When It Comes To Mitch Mortimer

Last year Mitch contacted me about doing a review and giveaway on his drawings. He expressed he always had a love for drawing and was pursuing his dreams. Since Christmas was coming up he wanted me to help him get the word out about his work. I was hesitate at first, however, I agreed.

I had a drawing done for my daughter, I then ran the giveaway. One January 5th, I contacted Mitch and gave him the contact information of the winner. On the 13th of January, the winner still had yet to hear from Mr. Mortimer, so I reached out to him again, I finally heard something back from him on the 14th of January. At this time he claimed he never received an email from me or the winner, I do have the email I sent him on the 5th giving him the winners information. However, sometimes emails get trashed by mistake, and it had only been a short time since the winners information was sent to Mitch, so I wrote this off as a misunderstanding.

On the 26th of March, I was contacted again by the winner asking about the drawing. On the 14th of January she touched base with Mitch, sent her the photo she was wanting drawn up, and gave him her mailing address. Mitch didn’t respond back to my email until April 2nd, which once again he explained the reasoning as health related. I am all about family and health come first, at this time he stated “Please tell Kathy that I will have her drawing to her in the next few weeks

You can probably see where this is going now… June 5th, I was contacted again by the winner, and I did another follow up with Mitch on the 5th of June, he got back with me on the 12th of June.

Hi Jammie

Sorry for the late reply. I am doing the best I can at finishing up the drawings I have on my plate. I have finished it finally and will get in touch with her and you next week.


Have a Great Day!

Mitch Mortimer

I never heard anything from Mitch the following week so on the 23rd of June, I did a follow up with Mitch, at this time is when he asked Kathy for her home mailing address again…

Hi Kathy

I must apologize the lateness in getting your drawing to you. can you please forward your mailing address so that I may sent this out to you.

Thank you and again my apologies.


Have a Great Day!

Mitch Mortimer

Mitch was contacted again today by the winner and as of right this minute she has heard nothing from him nor has she received her drawing. I understand life happens, however, Mitch shouldn’t have over filled his plate with reviews and giveaways if he had no intention on following through with it. I know of several bloggers that did reviews and giveaways for Mitch, I am not sure if he followed through on his agreement with them or if he is also stringing them along.

If Mitch contacts you proceed with caution, because as of right now he hasn’t followed through on his end of the deal, and at this point I don’t see him coming through and sending Kathy her drawing. If he does I will be surprised and I will update this post.


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