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This Summer was a very sad one, it seemed every time I turned around I was hearing on the news how another child had lost their life because a parent had “forgot” them in a vehicle with temps hitting over 90 degrees. It makes me wonder if these parents really forgot or if it were done on purpose. My daughter is almost 13 years old and to this day I won’t let her stay in the vehicle by herself while I run into the store. If she don’t want to go into the store with me she can stay home!

No one but the parents really know the truth on whether is was an honest mistake and they truly forgot or if it was done on purpose. I am not here to judge no-one, however with technology taking over, I have personally noticed more and more people on their smartphones. So if the use of smartphones played a role in the deaths of these precious babies being left in the car, then what better gadget to get then the Nio Tag.

Nio Tag

Nio Tag is a bluetooth accessory that you attach on to the items or things that matter the most to you, for instance your babies! It’s a small device that you charge via USB and keeps a charge for up to 4 months, so as long as you attach it to your child and have your smartphone on you, you know your child will not get left behind for at least 4 months.

The Nio Tag comes the device, a clip, the USB micro for easy charging, and 3 lanyards.

Nio Tag

To charge it you plug the USB micro to the Nio Tag, then plug it into your USB port on your computer.


Once it’s charged you’re ready to get the Nio app, which is available in the Play Store and on iTunes for free. (Click the image below to be taken to the Bluenio site, scroll half way down and use the interactive phone to learn more about the features within the Nio App.)

Nio Tag

Once the app is installed you’ll be able to “chain” it to your smartphone, then you can set up reminders, alerts, and have tracking of the Nio Tag device. This is great to put on your children so you don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting them. If you don’t have kids this device is perfect for the expensive gadgets that you tend to like and need in your life, like your tablet, computer, and even your book bag.

The Nio Tag is a great way to keep your items and loves protected.

Nio Tag FeaturesThe Nio Tag can be purchased directly from the Bluenio website for $49.99, this is a great investment to have especially if it could one day save your child’s life.

Make sure to follow Nio Tag on their social media channels to stay up to date on new products or sales.

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  1. No kids and I’d have to get a smartphone before I could use this.

  2. crafty one says:

    Technology has advanced so much. This is great for those with memory problems.

  3. I wonder if you could put it on a dog or cat?

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