Sweet’N Low Truck Tour and #Donthesitaste Contest

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Sweet’N Low has decided to bring their sweetness to the road with the Sweet’N Low® don’t hesita(s)te™ tour. Their goal is to share their zero-calorie sweetness with as many folks as they can. Sweet’N Low knows that we tend to hesitate when it comes to trying new things, so they’re hitting the road with the Sweet’N Low® don’t hesita(s)te™ tour, and bringing the sweetness to YOU. How many times have you missed out on trying something new whether it were a new product or new adventure because you hesitated?

When it comes to my sweet drinks, I don’t like change, you can say I hesitate, because I have my certain sugar drinks and I like them as is, I mean who wants to ruin sweet tea, coffee or lemonade with a product they’ve never used before?

Sweet'N Low Memphis

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My family was able to visit the Sweet’N Low truck in Memphis this past weekend. When we arrived the staff were still setting everything up. Everyone we spoke with were extremely friendly. While they were setting things up, we were able to chat a little with blah I never got her name one of the ladies from the Sweet’N Low® don’t hesita(s)te™ tour.

Even my husband thought the tea sweetened with Sweet'N Low was pretty good.

Even my husband thought the tea sweetened with Sweet’N Low was pretty good.

We learned that Sweet’N Low has 2 trucks, a South truck and a North truck and through-out the tour, these two trucks will be hitting 24 cities. We learned about the #donthesitaste photo contest. To enter simply upload a picture of your favorite Sweet’N Low drink (must also have a packet of Sweet’N Low in the picture) to either twitter, instagram or facebook using the hashtags #donthesitaste and #contestentry, there will be a weekly winner and at the end a grand prize winner.

The sun was in my eyes, didn't realize how bad I was squinting

The sun was in my eyes, didn’t realize how bad I was squinting

While we were chit chatting we learned Miss Tennessee showed up on Friday, which lead us to talk about Big Brothers Big Sisters. Through-out the tour there’s a chance someone well known that is involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization will show up at the Sweet’N Low truck. The reason being during the Sweet’N Low #donthesitaste tour, for every cup sampled, Sweet’N Low will make a donation (maximum donation of $49,000) to the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a great organization that partners children with mentors. Growing up I was able to be a part of this organization, I had a Big Sister and we had a great time together, it allowed me to stay out of trouble and have someone I could talk to.  So I will ALWAYS support a company that donates to this organization, because I know first hand how it does help children.

After we were done chatting we were able to sample some tea that had been sweetened with Sweet’N Low. Being that I hesitate when trying new things, I took a small sip. To my surprise it wasn’t bad at all, I was expecting a strong chemical taste, but the only thing I tasted was some good sweet tea. My husband also agreed with me, that it tasted pretty good.

Sweet'N Low make sweet tea taste delicious!

Sweet’N Low makes the sweet tea taste just delicious!

If you still are hesitant to try Sweet’N Low in your sweet beverage, head on over to the Sweet’N Low website and see if they’ll be coming to a town near you soon, so you to can get a free sample. Make sure while you’re there you mention The Neat Things in Life blog to win a free gift and play some bean bag toss.

Fun at the Sweet'N Low truck

Fun at the Sweet’N Low truck

More information about Sweet’N Low

Sweet’N Low is made with saccharin and one little pink packet is as sweet as two teaspoons of sugar. With two teaspoons of sugar containing 32 calories, by making the switch to Sweet’N Low, you’ll notice your clothes fitting better and the scales going down. Several reputable organizations have acknowledged the benefits of using saccharin when it comes to ones health.

Make sure to check out the Sweet’N Low tour dates to see if a truck will be rolling up in your neighborhood soon. Make sure you mention The Neat Things in Life’s blog, if you find the Sweet’N Low truck in your area to win a free gift.

If you see this truck go get your free sample drink and mention The Neat Things in Life to win a free gift!

If you see this truck go get your free sample drink and mention The Neat Things in Life to win a free gift!

Use the links below to follow Sweet’N Low on their social media platforms and if you enter the Don’t Hesitaste photo contest be sure to use both hashtags below.

Sweet’N Low website: http://www.sweetnlow.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sweetnlow
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SweetNLowBrand
Hashtag: #DontHesitaste #ContestEntry

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