Why Your Spring Cleaning Is Failing – And How to Fix It

Spring cleaning is a ritual that many of us indulge in. It helps us feel in control and energized. We feel like we have accomplished something and that our home looks better than ever with space to spare. Or at least it should. More often that not, many of us feel completely overwhelmed by Spring cleaning as a task and then underwhelmed by the results. In a few weeks time, we are more or less back where we started. A cluttered house needing attention that we don’t have the time or energy to give.

But if we think carefully about our Spring cleaning goals before we begin, we can have a house that feels fresh and uncluttered all year long.


Sort, Don’t Just Tidy

When there is a lot of mess or clutter, it can be tempting to simply tidy it away. We pile clothes or toys into containers, push it under the bed or inside a wardrobe and feel that the job is done. There is no faster way for things to get out of hand again. As soon as you need something, if things have only been tidied and not sorted, you have to disrupt the whole system. Often, an entire wardrobe or cabinet has to be emptied to find a single item, meaning you have actually doubled your workload. The solution is to sort as you tidy. Make ruthless, practical decisions about whether you need and love what you have. If there is any doubt in your mind, it has to be donated or tossed. This may seem a more time-consuming process at first but ultimately saves you time in the long run. When it comes to finding things or assessing what you have, you will know where you stand. You will feel better for having fewer things and also for being sure that you genuinely love and use the things you have.

Set Goals and Take Small Steps

If we picture Spring cleaning in terms of the whole house, it is easy to become completely overwhelmed. As a result, we can end up avoiding doing anything at all. Being methodical and approaching the task in small, manageable steps is far more likely to be successful. Set daily goals and identify specific problem areas. Perhaps there is a room that you use a lot or that has been bothering you for some time. It might be wise to start here. Or if you are nervous about beginning the process then a small or less significant room could be a good option. It may not include too many tough decisions, so we can capitalize on the motivation and sense of achievement we feel in order to start more rooms! Starting is genuinely often the hardest part. Try to see the steps positively and emphasize how great you’ll feel when it’s done. Why not make a whole day of it? Make yourself fresh lemonade or a refreshing tea to enjoy on the day when you take a break, put on some music, and get cracking!


Address Smells As Well As Sights

One way to make our home immediately fresher, brighter, and more inviting is to ensure it smells great. Soft, uplifting fragrances can make any space a pleasure to spend time in. But in a busy household, it’s not always easy to achieve. Pets and children in particular can make keeping a home clean and sanitary difficult. Try to have fragrance disinfectant wipes available for mishaps. Investigate hygienic or self-cleaning litter trays like those on www.scoopfreedom.com. Fresh flowers are always a stylish and attractive touch, but can be expensive if we purchase them regularly. A room fragrance or diffuser can be a long-lasting alternative. Be sure to spritz a few drops on room fabrics too such as cushions and curtains. If our home smells fresh and lively, it somehow feels cleaner and more well-kept too.

Know When To Ask For Help

Spring cleaning can be liberating, enjoyable experience if we have the time and energy to do it ourselves. Ideally, we may want to be the first one to have a say over the layout and cleanliness of our own home, but this can sometimes be impractical. It is important to be realistic with our time and family commitments. It is natural to feel a bit overwhelmed, but if we assess the situation carefully and it still seems impossible it may be time to ask for help. Professional cleaning services, stylists, or even just family and friends can make light work of a big task. It may feel like we are losing some control, but ultimately, getting help frees up the time to actually take control. Trusting others to do a job well can be good training if we are a natural control freak! A family who have spent time cleaning a home together and seeing it as a communal space will feel more responsible for keeping it clean in future.

Invest in Storage

Even after sorting thoroughly, there will be items that we can’t throw away but do not immediately need. For this reason, it is wise to invest in reliable storage. Great overhead storage or creative solutions can make the most of a small space. They also mean that stored items do not get in the way of regularly used items. This makes finding things more efficient and the busy activities of the day run more smoothly. Even if you decide to devote an entire room to storage like the attic or the garage, don’t be tempted to let it get out of hand. Even a storage room should have order and organization. Invest in pieces for your storage room that will make finding things a breeze.

Make It Sustainable

A Spring clean is truly meaningful if it is going to last. It’s hard to invest a lot of time and energy into results that you think will be undone in a matter of days or weeks. Make your methods sustainable. If you have just got the living room tidy and spacious, why not incorporate a new family rule or principle? Everyone must tidy away what they used before they leave the room, for example, or a ten minute tidy at the end of each day that can become a game! You will be amazed how fast a few good ideas turn into really good habits.

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