The Surprising Ways That The Internet Can Improve Your Anxiety


Anxiety can be a silent struggle. For many anxiety sufferers, even their friends and family may not know the extent of the problem. Anxiety can be a difficult condition to describe or discuss because it often inspires guilt or shame in the sufferer. Many people dealing with anxiety have been told to “get a grip”, “man up”, or even to stop “attention seeking”. Labels and ignorance like this can do a lot of damage in both direct and indirect ways. Directly, it can make anxiety far more severe. Indirectly, it can affect people’s ability to bring it up and so it simply never improves.

The internet has become a new and powerful resource for sufferers. Anxiety can often leave people socially isolated. Their symptoms can worsen as they lose perspective and so it becomes a vicious cycle. The less they go out, the worse they get. The worse they get, the less they go out. But getting online can have many surprising benefits. If you’re fortunate enough to have a computer and the internet, your recovery can start today.


Download Some Distraction

On days when anxiety is not too severe, it can be helpful simply to have some relaxing distraction. The internet has a wide range of relaxing music, fun movies, and even self-help ebooks. Sites like Tradebit have thousands of options that can help to distract our mind if we’re becoming anxious. If we’re vigilant, sometimes a little distraction can be all we need to prevent a full-blown panic attack. We can also use downloadable music and movies to encourage ourselves to take the time to relax. It may seem like a superficial solution, but a pamper evening with your mom, daughter or friends, for example, can be a great idea.

Join A Support Group

The internet gives us ready access to some very knowledgeable and experienced support groups. Some are small, intimate and unofficial. They are not carefully monitored. But they do enable people to discuss some of their experiences and concerns with like-minded people. Some are more official and may be run by charities. At their best, support groups are a wonderful source of comfort in a non-judgmental environment. They can help us to keep perspective and socialize even when we feel too unwell to leave the home.


Write A Blog

Starting our own blog to record our experiences of anxiety can be a very positive step. Anxiety can make it hard to express yourself verbally. Writing things down can reduce the pressure but still have the same therapeutic effect. It “gets it off your chest”. Documenting your experiences can help in many ways. It can help identify potential triggers. Over time, it can show you how far you have progressed and recovered. It can even help other sufferers who read it to feel supported and less alone.

Seek Professional Advice

There are many excellent mental health charities and sources of professional help online. We can find a therapist close to us, or read the advice of anxiety websites. We may be able to chat with a professional online. Reading the advice of professional pages can help empower us to better understand our condition. Then we are more able to begin our recovery.

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