5 Fun and Practical Outdoor Extensions of the Home

Owning a home is not only an investment into your future, it can also provide a great canvas for exploring your artistic side. Whether it’s the color choice on the walls or the type of carpet installed in the kid’s bedroom, it’s all relevant to your sense of style. However, the indoors isn’t the only place you can spread your creative talents.

Outdoor extensions of the home can be fun and practical. Many of them will even increase curb appeal if you decide to sell the property later on. Here are five additions that can offer an entertaining atmosphere while being realistic.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is more than just a fun place to hang out during a hot summer day. It also delivers one of the best zero-impact exercises anyone can do. It’s a way to boost cardiovascular health while keeping the body trim and healthy.

Barbecue Gazebo

Why settle for a basic barbecue area when you can design an elegant gazebo perfect for outdoor cooking? Some of the more elaborate designs deliver a comfortable place to cook regardless of what the weather is like outside. Ever had barbecue shish-ka-bobs in the dead of winter?

Designer Fire Pits

A common trend for homeowners is that of the fire pit. These safe and magnificent places provide the same ambiance of sitting around the campfire without the fear of nature creeping up behind you. They are a stylish way to accentuate the backyard.

Miniature Waterfalls

Miniature waterfalls can offer an incredible visage while delivering a great place to sit next to while relaxing with a book. Many will have these built with real stone and plant life as the waterfall itself feeds into a pool with live fish.

Screened Sun Porch

You can always add a sun porch to the home and have it surrounded by screen to protect the family from annoying insects. Usually, these are built with basic framework and resemble a living room complete with a roof for shelter from rain and snow. They make great areas for hanging out with guests or having a nice lunch outside.

All it takes is a bit of imagination and good exterior contractors to accentuate the home. From installing pools to building that perfect barbecue area, the outdoors can be just as elegant as the indoors. Explore your creativity and build a home that makes you feel comfortable while being useful.

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