Moving House Made Simpler: Strategies to Streamline the Entire Process

Planning a house move can prove to be a logistical challenge with so many things to remember if you want the moving day to go without a hitch.

There is no need to break out into a cold sweat about the prospect of moving home. All you have to do is work on finding a way of getting the job done with the minimum of fuss and stress.

Here are some tips and ideas to streamline your moving plans. There is a look at why preparation and planning are so vital, plus some ideas for clearing your clutter and an overview of what should be on your master checklist.

Preparation is key

Whether you are dealing with home builders in Lee County, Florida, about when you can take up residence in your new property, or if you are negotiating with existing owners, you wouldn’t leave anything to chance with the transaction.

The same rules of engagement apply to planning your house move. Preparation is key and provided you tick every single box along the way on your checklist, your move is likely to be a success.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to properly plan your move. A good timeframe would be about two months from starting your plans to move to the actual day when everything is transported to your new home.

It might seem a long time away but those eight weeks will pass in a flash, and anything less than that will create undue pressure to meet a deadline, which will increase the odds of something getting missed or going wrong.

Time for a clearout

Moving home is the perfect opportunity to sort through all of your possessions and have a good clearout, deciding what to keep and what to finally say goodbye to.

There is absolutely no point taking clutter with you, as it will be taking up valuable space in your new home and you will be adding to your moving costs with every extra box.

Go through each room methodically and make a decision on what to keep, putting your unwanted items to one side. Once you have been through everything, you have several choices on how to dispose of your unwanted items.

Have a garage sale or sell some items via an online auction site, or you could donate some things like unwanted clothing to a local charity.

Create a comprehensive checklist

There are so many different details to remember when you are planning a house move even the most organized person will likely forget something along the way unless you are checking each task off your checklist.

It doesn’t really matter whether you use a paper checklist or download an app that reminds you of each task as you go through them, as long as you have every task noted down and tick them off each time you sort it.

Make a list of all the utilities, banks and other people you have to inform when you move and make a list of people to contact like cable and telephone companies, so that you can have service in your new home without any interruptions.

Another good tip to remember would be to create a floor plan of your new home and write the name of each room on every box, so you know where it will be going on arrival.

This can save wasted time searching through boxes for missing items and helps you unpack more efficiently

Faith Parkinson is an property consultant. She enjoys sharing her property market research and ideas online. Her articles mainly focus on helping people that are new to the process.

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