When Time is of the Essence: Low Maintenance Landscaping Tips for Busy Homeowners

You always want your garden to look good but if you are like so many other people who lead hectic lives, you don’t have a lot of spare time to spend on anything more than basic gardening tasks.

Here is a look at some useful shortcuts and tips on how to get your yard in top shape in the shortest amount of time. Including how to use hard landscaping to reduce your workload, why mulch is a sensible choice, and why plants like lavender offer more than good looks.

Create an outdoor living space

One of the most simple but effective tips to consider is the idea that if you can create a large outdoor living space that you can use throughout the year, you will automatically be cutting down on the green areas to maintain.

Most people want to enjoy the contrast of hard and soft landscaping so a lawned area is essential to a certain extent. But it stands to reason that if you can create an outdoor living space large enough for your needs, it will lend itself to a low-maintenance regime.

Installing a stone patio with a grilling and dining area incorporated within the space, or a deck with similar leisure options will give you a comfortable and highly usable outdoor living area. It will also mean you have less lawn and plants to maintain.

Mixture of mulch and grass

A lush green lawn is always going to look attractive in most yard settings so you don’t want to miss out on that aspect of landscaping, despite the maintenance required to keep it looking good.

If you can keep pests away from your lawn using gopher machines, that will help. You can also consider installing a sprinkler system to keep everything nicely watered automatically, which reduces the amount of labor you will have to put in when you have to water everywhere manually by hand.

Another good option to consider is the use of mulch as an alternative to grass in chosen areas.

Using mulch is a bit of a no-brainer for a number of good reasons. It is low maintenance because it doesn’t have to be mowed or watered, and as the mulch breaks down it helps to fertilize your plants and keep the weeds at bay.

A combination of hard landscaping, grass, and mulch beds is one that will enhance the look of your yard without requiring any extensive levels of maintenance.

Love your lavender

If you are trying to create a yard that you can spend more time relaxing in than working on, a good way to achieve this aim is to pick your plants with care.

What you want are plants like lavender that offer you more than just a burst of attractive color.

Lavender is a good example of a low maintenance plant as they don’t require extensive watering and if you plant it around your decking or patio area, it will also act as a useful bug repellant in addition to looking good.

Create a landscaping plan with low maintenance in mind, and you will be able to enjoy more leisure time in the space rather than stressing about how to find the time to keep it looking so nice.

Sean Johnston loves nothing more than transforming landscapes. He has yet to find a space that is too awkward to work with and he enjoys sharing his ideas and experiences online.

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