Weird Symptoms That Affect A Surprising Number Of People

Living inside a body has its ups and downs. The good news is that we get to live and enjoy everything that the world has to offer, as well as great relationships with other people. But the bad news is that our bodies are constantly going wrong, despite how beautifully well-made they might appear.

This can produce a lot of anxiety.

You’d be surprised just how many weird symptoms there are and how common they are. Here are just a few and what they might mean.

Eye Twitches

Eye twitching has to be one of the strangest symptoms out there. One day, all of a sudden, you notice that a part of your eyelid is spamming for no reason. It;s totally out of your control and it seemed to happen for no reason at all.

Usually, however, eye-twitches have a cause. One of the causes is that you’ve been drinking a lot of caffeine. Another is that you’ve been staring at a computer screen and your eyes have become sore. It could also be a sign of something called Meige syndrome, especially if your chin is moving at the same time as you blink. Meige syndrome can be quickly treated with modern medicine.

Head Heaviness

According to the latest data, around 90 percent of people will suffer from some form of head heaviness during their lives. The causes of head heaviness are varied and include things like simple tiredness to things like depression. In some cases, head heaviness can be so severe that the victim can barely keep their head aloft and may have to lie down to be comfortable.

Bright Red Stools

When people have bright red stools, they tend to freak out. Isn’t it a sign of cancer? Sometimes, yes, but usually it’s just because of something you ate. All sorts of things can affect the color of your stools, including cranberries, beef, and beetroot. Red stools have become a lot more common since the craze to drink gallon after gallon of beetroot juice emerged.

Pitted Nails

Have you ever looked down at your nails and noticed they were pitted? If you did, it could be a sign of psoriasis, a skin condition that makes skin itchy and red. In extreme circumstances, the skin can become dry and serrated and form scales which can then lead to infection.

Constant Sweating

If you sweat a lot, it might not be because you are hot. It can also be caused by numerous other problems in the body. For instance, diabetics often sweat a lot to get sugar out of their blood. Excessive sweating can also occur if you have thyroid problems, or if you have an infection.

Red Eyes

The blood vessels in your eyes are very small and very sensitive to changes in your blood pressure. Sometimes the simple act of sneezing can cause them to burst, giving you a bloodshot eye. Red eyes can be more severe, however, if they are caused by diabetes or high blood pressure. If you have a red eye on a regular basis and don’t have a cold, contact your doctor.

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