Getting Fit Across The Board

The are a lot of fitness regimes out there. You can run, or golf, or dance, or do yoga, or climb or do any of a thousand other ways to get your body moving and your blood pumping. But which activity should you pick if you want to improve your overall fitness? Read on to discover the answer.

Total Body Workouts

What are total body workouts, and are they any good? Well, they are workouts, unsurprising, designed to work out every part of the body. As to whether they are any good or not, it depends on the workout that you are doing and the results you are looking for.

But it is worth saying that workouts here they only include around five moves are unlikely to work every part of your body and help you gain total body fitness in a meaningful way.

Also, a lot of these workouts are very intense, so it is often better to do a combination of different activities than relying solely on one form of exercise to get you fit.

In addition, it’s important to remember that doing a variety of activities can help to stop you getting bored, and keep up your motivation.


Running is such a good activity to pick as a part of your total body fitness regime for a number of reasons. Firstly, it uses the largest muscles in your body your legs, so it burns up a lot of calories. It also helps to open up your lungs increasing your breathing capacity and helping to expel toxins from the system.

Also, you don’t need loads and loads of expensive or complicated kit, and you can do it in you own neighborhood. Or even workout in your own home, if you choose to invest in a treadmill.

Yoga And Pilates

Yoga and Pilates both focus on improving flexibility, posture and your core group of muscles which are essential elements of overall fitness.

In fact, you can see the benefit of doing these activities with the others that you are doing. Such as a reduction of injuries during running because of increased flexibility. Or a better technique in weightlifting, because of improving core strength. Meaning they are definitely activities that are worth adding to your workout combination.

You can even combine Yoga and Pilates and do a PIYO routine, so you get the best of both worlds. But remember to read the PIYO reviews before you invest in a plan, so you know that it will be right for you.

Weight Lifting

Something else that is also a great exercise to add into the mix is weight lifting. Some folks get a little nervous about this, and think that they will end up looking The Rock after a session or two. But that isn’t the case.

Remember you need to train very hard, with very heavy weight to get those sorts of results. Instead for most people, weightlifting is a way of improving your muscle mass and strength. Which can also enhance your performance in the other two categories.

It can also help you shape and tone your body in a way that the other activities can’t, making it the perfect addition to your total workout combination.

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