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Picking Away at The Picky Eaters

One of the hardest challenges you will come across as a parent will be the curse of the picky eater. It may be that one day your child will be eating anything in sight and is open to trying new things, but suddenly decides that they have always absolutely hated what used to be their favorite meal, or they may have always been like it. It’s a hard routine to break them out of, especially if they have been used to getting their own way with meals – but all is not lost. There are some tips to help you get them eating the right stuff, at the right time, again.

Make It Appealing

It may just be that the food that you are producing in front of them isn’t appealing enough. Especially with kids of a weaning age, the aesthetics of the meal you are producing can be everything. You could even get creative and make a face or art out of the food that you are making for them, like on Take some time out to think about the things that you are placing in front of them. If you yourself wouldn’t look twice at it, don’t think about serving it to your children. You’ll only be wasting your time and the food that they inevitably won’t eat. If you know that they like what you have cooked but aren’t eating it, see if you can save it or freeze it for use at a later date.


Nobody got to liking something without experimenting with it first. It can’t hurt to try new things, and it may just be that your child is bored of what they’re currently eating. Picking up foods that their friends have talked about or that are popular at the time can be a great way to introduce new things to their diet.

Involve Them

Get them involved with the preparation you’re doing and, if they’re able to, let them pick the foods themselves. You could have a look at lunch kits to make yourself at sites such as for example, as for those attending school this is arguably the most important meal of their day. If they are looking forward to something that they have prepared then they are way more likely to eat it.

Get Routine

Children have more reason to be fussy if they don’t have a routine to follow. If nothing comes when they expect it, i.e. if your meal times are set at different points throughout the day and you are eating in different places, it can be hard for them to grasp the concept of not refusing. If you are set down to eat at the same time, their bodies will get into the notion of expecting food and drink and working themselves up for it. If you have at least three good meals a day of breakfast, lunch and dinner, they will have more time to settle down and eat more of what you have put down in front of them.

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