5 Secret To Add Years To Your Pet’s Life

Death of a family member or a friend is an inevitable, painful experience. All people who have a pet or pets, know how important they are and consider them as a part of a family. The loss of a pet is a painful experience as well. All humans, if in a chance, do their best to keep themselves healthy in order to live longer. People do the same with pets, because if they are not treated well, their life can end earlier. We know what to do to keep ourselves healthy and to live longer, but what about pets? Well, they are quite similar to humans, so it will not be that hard to help your pet live longer.

Here is some advice on how to add years to your pet’s life:

1. Healthy diet- just like humans, eating everything edible does not mean it is healthy. Take care of your pet’s diet by making it diverse. Do not give them the same food day after day which can result in food intolerance and nutritional deficiency. Ask a holistic veterinarian for an advise on a good quality recipe you can make home using real food. It usually includes high quality meat. Beef is good for the protein levels it contains, as well as deboned white chicken.

2. Supplements and vitamins- Consider adding multivitamins and other supplements to their diet, like omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for bones, fur, joints and it reduces inflammation. It can also improve their immune system and digestive tract. Check your pet’s body condition and adjust the amount of food. Eating more than necessary can lead to gaining weight, which is contrary to what you actually want for your pet.

3. Clean mouth– You brush your teeth after each meal and before going to bed, but how often you take care of your pet’s teeth will also depend on his/her health. Clean mouth and healthy teeth will save you a lot of trouble. Bad mouth hygiene can result in pain, your pet will not be able to eat, and it can also cause heart and kidney diseases. Just like humans, pets need their regular dental check-ups too.

4. Veterinarian visits- do not wait some symptoms to alarm you to get your pet a medical check-up. Do it regularly, not just for vaccination, but also because veterinarian can uncover some health issues without any symptoms.

5. Workout- people do it, so why not pets? To prevent your pet from gaining weight, you must make sure they do regular exercise. They need physical activities on a daily basis. Both cats and dogs are carnivores, and hunting is their workout. Do a research on exercises you can do with your pets so they can have that feeling of hunting. You can also ask your veterinarian about the best exercise for your pet.

There is plenty of food you can find in stores for your pet, but in combination with the homemade one, it can make it diverse, which will benefit the overall health of your pet and therefore, increase the possibility of making your pet live longer. As you can see from the article, feeding your pet properly is not the only thing it takes to make is as healthy as possible. So, do regular check-ups , workouts and be sure your pet will have a long healthy life.

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