Water: The Cure For All Ills or Just Part Of The Puzzle?

So you have a health concern.

The process for handling it has a tendency to go something like this:

1. You look for health advice online. Any kind of health advice: mental health, injury recovery, getting fit, anything.
2. You’re told that, as part of that health advice, you should drink more water.

It always seems to come down to water, doesn’t it? It crops up so often that you’d be forgiven for thinking that we are all just chronically dehydrated and water is the only thing that we need to solve every health ailment we’ve ever had. In fact, not only will it make us healthier, it will improve everything about our lives. Want our kids to do well at school? Need to ace that work presentation? Water!

It’s become so common that it’s almost a cliché at this point. So… what’s the big deal? Is water really, all by itself, the miracle solution we need to all of life’s ills?

The Answer Is… Yes and No

Yes, water is important.

No, it’s not going to fix every problem that you have ever had.

So Why Is Water Mentioned So Much?

The reason water is brought up is simple: most of us don’t consume enough of it. We get most of our nutrients from the food we eat, and the same is true of water. If you have a diet high in water-rich foods then you’re probably not doing too badly, but it’s counteracted if you consume alcohol or coffee – both are known dehydrants.

Cucumbers are a great source of water.

So while we get some of the water we need from our food, it’s not quite enough. Dehydration is the cause of a myriad of health complaints, from dry eyes through chapped lips – and even the humble headache is most frequently a symptom of dehydration than anything else. As water is tasteless and not particularly exciting, most of us just ignore it.

Why Is This A Problem?

When you don’t drink enough water, your body begins to stutter. Think of water like the engine oil that keeps you moving. Yes, you can power through and manage without it, but it’s going to be far simpler if you have a little more slip.

People are often surprised how much better they feel in general when they increase their water intake.

What If People Don’t Like Water?

There is something dull about drinking water; by its very nature, it’s tasteless. If it were a color, it would undoubtedly be beige.

At this point, you might be expecting a recommendation for cordial or similar – something that can jazz the water you drink up. This is generally a bad idea, especially if there’s sugar involved in the cordial – sugar will ultimately make you more thirsty.

Instead of seeing water as a beverage, see it as a health pursuit. It’s the same as swigging back cough medicine: you might not like it, but you do it because you need it. Ask your kids to see it in the same way, even encouraging competitions as to who can drink the most in one day. With that said…

Is It Possible To Overdose On Water?

Yes. Don’t overdo it, or the stress on your kidneys will become too much. Try and stick within the limits over a couple of liters per day, while it varies for children depending on their age.

Is It Okay To Drink A Daily Amount In One?

Absolutely not – it’s just going to stress your kidneys, and make bathroom trips more frequent! You’re better off sipping throughout the day and the same applies for your children. If you need to go out and about, a reusable bottle such as Trago can make it easier for you to stay hydrated while on the move. In general, it’s better to look for a reusable rather than buying bottles of water while out – disposables aren’t good for the environment.

Water: Yes. Disposable bottle: no.

What Differences Can You Expect?

The main difference you should notice if you increase your water intake is that you have fewer headaches. The second will probably manifest in your skin, particularly on your face. You might see a ‘plumping’ effect. If your kids are of an age where they have a problem with acne, then they might begin to see an improvement in this area.

It might not be life-changing or groundbreaking in its difference, but it will be there – and your entire body will thank you for it. So drink up and be happy.

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