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How many of you have a phone full of photos? I do! I love taking my photos and editing them to look different and unique. Recently, I discovered a new online photo editing app called Fotor. If you like taking photos and you like editing photos this is the app for you. It offers many great features and the ability to save and share on the spot.

I have played around with many photo editing apps before and I have to honestly say this one is the best so far. I would consider it an all in one when it comes to taking and editing photos. I have personally found the Fotor app to be very simple yet packed full of opportunities to enhance your images.

I love the different features that Fotor offers. Some of the features included within the Fotor app are focus, enhance, scene effects, structure, crop, distort, frames, text, stickers and collages. The features I use the most are focus, scene effects, frames, stickers and collages.

I love turning my images into collages, it allows me to showcase some of the great shots I have gotten when out hiking.

I also LOVE the GoART addition that can be installed to go hand in hand with the Fotor app or you can use the GoArt app on your desktop computer.


If you’re looking for away to make your images pop and have a WOW effect Fotor and GoArt are the apps you need, they’re the only apps you will need for turning your photos into art. While the basic app is free, you can purchase a subscription and open up many different premium features. Be sure to follow Fotor on Facebook and Instagram.

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