Weaknesses Are Opportunities

Sometimes it annoys me when people talk about their child’s educational weaknesses. What they really mean to say is that they have some things that they are not as good at than others. Which by the way is totally normal. No one is good at everything. In fact, having things we need to improve on, keep us humble and grounded. That is it’s better to see weaknesses as possibilities, as chances for your kids to learn and develop. For some key example of this, read on.


If you child isn’t where they want to be when they are reading, don’t get into a flap about it. Just resolve to make it into a learning opportunity.

The great thing about reading is that there is so much material out there, you are bound to find something that they are interested in. Which will help make it easier to raise their motivation for practicing that task.

You might select a favorite book to read together to improve. Or even comic books if that what your little one is into.

Another great way of improving their reading and comprehension is to get them to read aloud. Adding in sound effects for what is happening in the story. Like doors creaking, characters laughing.


Speaking is something that we all do, but not everyone finds it easy. This can be due to shyness or being introverted. Or, because of other issues like language barriers or speech impediments.

Of course, each other issue is quite separate from one another, so needs to be dealt with on an individual basis.

For introverts, allowing the choice to speak and present out loud in another way can help. They might record what they want to say and play that, or make a short video to show their ideas.

For those that are struggling with language barriers, online courses such as the ones on offer at EffortlessEnglishClub.com can help them practice their pronunciation and understanding without having the pressure of anyone watching and judging them. Helping them to raise their confidence when they do have to present something.

For speech impediments, it’s best to consult with a speech therapist who will be able to diagnose any underlying conditions that need to get fixed. As well as give you some homework to do with them at home to improve their speech.


Listening is such a vital skill in this world. But fewer and fewer kids seem to be able to do it properly these days.

Perhaps it has something to do with the constant media bombardment that they are under? It just seems like if something isn’t entertaining it just doesn’t go in. Which is bad news for them when they get out in the real world. As there is plenty of boring but vital stuff, they will need to listen to there.

The way to address this issue is to practice listening by doing activities from early on. Like the ones at https://www.babycenter.com as much as possible. As well as practicing conversational listening skills in a one to one situation, or in a larger group.

Remember these sorts of skills are like muscles the more you use them the strong they get.

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