5 Ways to Repurpose Your Graduation Tassels

Graduation tassels come in many colors, depending on the university, the degree, and the school’s team hues. Tassels are swingy, pretty decorations made out of soft silky threads. They are traditionally worn on one side of the mortarboard cap before you graduate, and then switched to the other after the ceremony. Your fringy accessory may mean a lot to you, because it designates your achievement. You don’t want to throw it away or hide it in a drawer, so what are you supposed to do with your tassel? Here are five ideas.

1. Christmas Ornament

Craft stores sell clear plastic ornaments that you can fill with decorative gewgaws, such as your tassel. Simply remove the ornamental sphere’s cap, insert your colorful memento, replace the cap, and there you have it: a beautiful holiday decoration to hang on your evergreen tree.

2. Drapery Tie

If you have curtains or drapes in your home, you can make decorative tie-backs with fabric that aligns with your draperies. Cut bands of fabric, hem them, and attach your tassel to create ornate French-style drapery pulls.

3. Good Luck Charm

Tassels have been worn on hats over the years as talismans, or good luck charms. In some Arabian countries, they were placed on children’s caps to protect them from demons and harmful spirits. You could sew your own commencement adornment on a beloved child’s hood or cap for a good luck charm. If you don’t have any special kids in your life, you can sew the tassel on your own hat or a loved one’s.

4. Overhead Light or Fan Pull

Do you have a ceiling fan or overhead light with a chain pull on it? You could make it more attractive if you attach your graduation tassel to it. This can be the perfect addition to your home or work office’s ceiling light or fan. Not only do the silky strings add decorative flair, they also give a bit of extra length so the chain pull is easier to reach.

5. Halloween Costume

Want to dress up like a burlesque dancer for Halloween? Burlesque dancers wore tassels as pasties to cover their nipples. You don’t have to dress quite that scantily to create a fun costume. Simply purchase a flesh-colored body suit and some silk yarn to match your own tassel. Create another tassel from the yarn, sew one to each side of your body suit’s chest area, and there you have it: a Halloween costume that will be the talk of the party.

In the age of the three Rs, do your part to reuse, recycle, and reduce. Why throw away your lovely tassel when there are fun and creative ways to reuse and recycle it, as well as reduce waste?

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