Why CBD Oil Is Helping People With Anxiety

Marijuana has gotten a bad rap for being a drug that is only used by individuals looking to mellow out, or old stoners still getting high. However, the arguments that people have been presenting is showing a different side to marijuana. Using marijuana for medicinal purposes is not the same as smoking high levels of THC. The components that are in marijuana are very beneficial for such things as anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders.

THC is not the only ingredient in marijuana. The most important component for the medical community is cannabidiol oil, more commonly known as CBD. It does not have the same effects as THC, such as paranoia or feeling drugged. Rather, CBD offers a relieving factor for pain and mental diseases. When your brain is low on serotonin levels, this causes a person to have anxiety and depression. What American Hemp Oil does, theoretically, is act as a replacement for the serotonin receptor that is missing or is low.

Essentially, marijuana is still a drug that still is categorized with other street drugs such as heroin. These drugs are Schedule 1 on the spectrum, so providing an in-depth study is hard because it is being compared to heroin-like qualities. There is not a long-term study on the full side effects of CBD oil taken by itself or combined with other medicines. The FDA claims its properties are unsafe due to the unknown studies that cannot be reviewed. What they are reviewing is marijuana, not the CBD alone.

Using the CBD oil to replace harsh psychiatric medicines is a discussion amongst more open minded medical personnel. There is no doubt that there are side effects, but that is with any drug. The argument is that while marijuana can possibly cure anxiety, it can cause other problems for the patient, such as a loss of memory, and decreased alertness. However, taking a traditional pill for, say, anxiety, is not without harmful side effects, such as withdrawal after you stop taking the drug, and severe illness or death if it is mixed with alcohol. Using CBD in marijuana does not appear to have dangerous effects like these.

Proper research is missing for the effects compared to other drugs that are FDA approved. Patients have done their own research by tracking how it treats their ailment and how the drug interacts with them, both mentally and physically. A concrete study is missing from officials. Introducing a new drug for FDA approval has risks, far more than that of CBD oils but the perception of marijuana and all of its ingredients, no matter how well it works, is still considered a drug that causes more bad than good. Before society will accept anything other than this idea, marijuana has to be displayed in a different light.

For several brave souls taking matters into their own hands and experimenting on themselves, anxiety is curable with CBD oil. The thing to remember is that CBD comes from marijuana but is not the drug itself.

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