3 Great College Degrees For Problem Solvers

Problem-solving is a skill plenty of people are born with. No matter what we do, we love solving problems; it’s in our blood. It’s very easy to identify a child with this set of skills. Throughout their life, they’re always playing puzzle games and enjoy testing themselves and finding answers to tough questions. When your child reaches the age where college is on the horizon, you should help them find a course that suits their skill set. In this regard, you’re looking for great college degrees that problem solvers will love.

What options are there? As it turns out, plenty! I could list them all, but that would take up too much of your time. Instead, here are the picks of the bunch:


An engineering degree is ideal for anyone that loves solving complex problems using logic and science. The life of an engineer varies depending on what field you work in. There are aerospace engineers, civil engineers, and so on. Regardless, a big part of the job focuses on figuring out how to make things happen. How will this bridge hold up thousands of cars per day? How will this plane stay in the sky? Countless questions, the engineer finds the answers.

It’s a brilliant degree option for your problem-solving child, and there are great career prospects too. Engineers in all fields earn a healthy salary, and they can add a masters degree on top of their regular one. Look at master in engineering management top universities with your child to see which uni’s offer this additional education. In a field like this, the more knowledge and qualifications you have, the better your career tends to pan out.


If your child loves solving problems, then a career as a lawyer might be for them. Lawyers deal with all sorts of problems, and it’s their job to work out a solution that suits their client. Consequently, getting a law degree is the first step to set them down this career path.

Once again, this is a degree with some top career prospects for your child. Lawyers earn a decent wage, and there’s always room to climb the ladder and perhaps be the head of a law firm one day. Once again (for the second time) universities are offering a master of law program too. So, further education can be gained, helping your child move forward in their career.

Physical Therapy

For people that prefer a more hands-on approach to problem-solving, physical therapy is the right path to choose. If your child is really into sports or exercise, this is a great degree to combine their passion and skills together. Physical therapists look at injuries and people in pain, solving their issues and putting recovery plans together for them.

This is another career where your child can earn a lot of money and also start their own business. They could also combine it with other qualifications to do more things. For example, they could gain personal training qualifications and become a fitness trainer focused on preventative exercises.

Share this article with your child if they enjoy solving problems as these degrees could be ideal for them to try out!

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