Clearing the Air: Moving is a Great Time to Downsize and Clear out the Clutter that is Filling Your Air with Dust

We collect a lot of stuff throughout our lives. The longer we set down roots in one home, the more things we seem to gather. Magazines, old bills, ill-fitting clothing and items with sentimental value can quickly pile up around your home and make the prospect of packing it all to move downright daunting. If you’re in the process of looking for movers in Toronto, it may be time to look at decluttering. Let’s be honest, do you really want to pay to move all that stuff anyway?

That clutter makes you sick – literally!

If the idea of all that clutter gives you a headache, you’re not alone. Clutter has been found to negatively affect mental and physical health for those living with it. Clutter can be mentally draining, making you feel irritable, exhausted and overwhelmed. Physically, clutter is a serious dust magnet and does no favours for your sinuses. Paper and cloth can have dust, pollen, dirt and pet hair clinging to its every surface, while physically piles on the floor can make it difficult to properly clean. And that dust doesn’t have much thought for staying in one place! Dust and dirt will circulate throughout your house, exacerbating allergies, asthma and general feelings of malaise and stuffiness.

A time to change

If you’ve always had a hard time purging, moving is a great time to cross that bridge. While it may seem emotionally daunting, moving all that unwanted or unneeded clutter will end up being financially daunting! When we move, we have the chance to review almost every item in our home and reassess what it means to us, its worth in our lives, and if we even remember what it is! Look at downsizing and de-cluttering before your move as a chance to start anew, without the memories or regrets of that clutter holding you down.

Start with a vision

Throwing or giving things away can be very easy and therapeutic for some people–and not so much for others. If you struggle with the idea of throwing out things, start with a vision. it’s important to ask yourself: “what kind of life do you want?” and this will become the criteria things must follow in order for you to decide to keep them. For example, do you wish your bedroom was a calm and soothing space where you can relax? In that case, you may need to remove the TV or the computer or remove unnecessary furniture that clutters the space. Instead of asking about what you need for the house, ask what you want from the space. The answer to what is clutter and what isn’t will quickly reveal itself.

Focus on decision making

When people go to de-clutter their home, they often take on a black and white approach: either clean everything in one, fell swoop or give up. In reality, de-cluttering should be about creating pockets of order. Start small by tackling one room or even one shelf or drawer at a time. Do not focus on anything else in that room and only pretend that one area is what you need to work on. Also, don’t start dumping things on the floor. You’ll only overwhelm yourself. Instead, take out the things you know that can be thrown out and then the things you can donate, and then the things you want to keep and sort accordingly.

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