Puppy’s First Training: Skills and Techniques for Training Young Puppies

Buying a puppy can be an exciting and fun experience for the entire family. You may think that this new addition to your home is just too adorable to do anything wrong or to get into any type of trouble. While there is no doubt that puppies are cute, without proper training, you will soon learn that they can be quite destructive too.

The problem is that dogs are pack animals by nature, which means that your puppy will be looking for a pack leader. If you fail to take over that position at an early age, your puppy will become its own leader, and possibly your worst nightmare.

How Early to Start Training a Puppy

Some people think that you should wait a couple of months after buying one of the great puppies for sale in Maryland before starting to train them. Unfortunately, if you wait this long, you will have to start by un-training your dog all the bad habits learned during the first few weeks. Most experts recommend starting to train your puppy as soon as you bring it home. Keep in mind, however, that puppies have very short attention spans, so keep your training limited to 10 to 15-minute intervals. Any longer than this and your puppy will lose interest.

Housebreak Your Puppy

Housebreaking your puppy from early on will avoid a lot of headache in the future. The most important thing you can do at this stage is to provide your puppy with a safe place to relieve himself. Select a specific place in your yard and be sure to take your puppy to this same place every time you take him out. Also, be sure to reward your puppy when he goes outside. You don’t have to go overboard with the reward, however, a simple “good job” with a pat on the head or a small treat will do the trick.

Never punish your puppy for having an accident inside. Remember that he is just learning and that mistakes are normal. Punishment will only hinder the training process and break vital trust between you and your dog. Instead, simply move your dog to the designated relief area and be sure to clean the area completely up to eliminate an odor, so your puppy doesn’t get confused as to where he is supposed to go.

Walking Your Dog

Exercise is paramount for your puppy. You should plan to take your dog for daily walks to help him burn off some of that puppy energy. When walking your puppy, be sure to take the leadership role. If you let your dog lead, even at a young age, he is more likely to take this dominant role as he gets older. You always should walk in front of or beside your puppy to ensure he knows that he is to follow your command, not the other way around. You also can work on valuable walking commands, such as heel, sit, and stay.

No Biting Allowed

It is in a dog’s nature to bite, but your puppy must learn at an early age that biting people or other dogs is not allowed. The puppy’s mother would have taught him not to bite naturally, but since the puppy is with you now, it is your job to teach this skill. Socialization with other dogs and people is important at this stage. You should say a stern “no” if your puppy ever bites and let them know that it is not acceptable. Be sure to remain consistent with your no biting rule, even when playing. As the puppy gets older, biting will be harder to stop.

A puppy can be a wonderful addition to any family. Just be sure to take the time to train your puppy right from the start. Just a few minutes a day of consistent training will be enough to start most puppies down the path of successful training. The most important thing is to enjoy your puppy and work hard to build a trust relationship between you and him.

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