Tis the Season: When the Holidays Creep Up on You, You Can Still Take Care of Your Gifting Needs

The Christmas shopping rush is in high gear, and everyone that’s hoping to grab something for a loved one is at least making plans. Soon, there won’t be any days left to finish – or begin – shopping for gifts.
If you’re yet to make arrangements, however, don’t panic. The tips below will help you buy, ship and wrap everything before the big day.

1. Try Expedited Shipping

Most retailers including Amazon, Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond have dates set, before which customers need to have ordered their gifts for them to be delivered by Christmas Day using standard shipping.

If it’s too late for you, you can still beat the D-day with expedited shipping. Although you’ll probably have to pay more, some retailers provide free trials for expedited shipping. Amazon, for instance, has a 30-day Prime membership trial plan for new subscribers, which comes with free two-day shipping on orders in the US.

2. Pick Up Your Gifts In-Store

Stores are usually packed in the holidays, and that can be reason enough to prefer online shopping. However, delivery may take more time than you can spare. So, to avoid the long queues and still get your gifts in time, try buying online and picking up in-store. That way, you’ll shop at your leisure, and maybe afterward, get in and out of the store in a few minutes.

3. Know What to Buy and When to Buy It

As Christmas approaches, retailers will rev up the discounts to clear up inventory. But as the prices fall, shoppers will grab what they can, which means the availability of certain items, sizes, and colors will decrease.

If you have specific items on your shopping list, like size-8 sneakers, it’s best to buy them first. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get what you want. Other less-specific items like stuffed toys, for example, can wait until December 24th when prices are lowest.

4. Consider Gift Cards

If it’s too late to get the item you’re looking for, start thinking about gift cards. Sure, they’re not the perfect gift, but they offer the recipient the chance to buy what they want, which is undoubtedly better than gifting them something they’ll want to return or exchange later.

Gift card deals sprout rapidly towards Christmas, and it won’t be hard to find one that suits your recipient.

5. If You’re Low on Cash, Try A Quick Loan

Some people start planning for the next holiday season as early as New Year’s Day, but if that’s not you, a loan can help you to fulfill your gifting needs. Online personal loans are easy to apply for and are often processed within hours. Of course, they typically come with high interests and short repayment terms, but if you’re out of options, they can be an immediate lifesaver.

6. If You’re Low on Ideas, Think of An Experience

Everyone is looking for a present to wrap and put under the tree, but sometimes those aren’t the best gifts. If you don’t have time to shop for an item, consider spending your money on an experience instead, be it tickets to a musical in February, or a holiday vacation in the summer. A tangible gift may last a few months or years, but a great experience can be a life-long memory.


Nobody wishes to wait until the last minute to do Christmas shopping. Nevertheless, if you keep calm and follow the advice above, you can still buy your gifts in time to put a smile on a loved one’s face this holiday.

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