Before You Move: Important Things To Consider

Making the decision to move to a new home is not easy. It’s not always apparent what constitutes a quality moving decision. While you may feel that the time is right, or that you need to find a new place within a matter of months, it pays to have 100% confidence that you’re doing it for the right reasons. It also pays to understand your financial potentials like the back of your hand, and give yourself the space necessary to predict your future years in that home.

This guide should hopefully give you a checklist of important things to consider before you make the full decision to move home. We hope that this does not sway you in one direction or another, but preferably gifts you the tools to make an informed and practical decision.

Know The Location

Moving to a place because you love the surrounding geography is one valid reason to move, but it’s quite shallow on its own. It’s important to know the full web of environmental factors surrounding your move, meaning that knowing the location to your fullest extent is very important. You need to know what the crime rate is and how that’s evolved or devolved over the last few years, how the locals are (by experiencing first hand their candor,) as well as traffic zones and the general accessibility of the place in question. If you have children, understanding the catchment areas of your potential home and figuring out which school is best to enroll for is essential.

Also, knowing commuting times is very important. If you have a new office and that’s the reason for your move, you hardly want to relocate to a home with an even longer commute unless it’s intrinsically worth it. Knowing the location can be achieved by reading news for the local area, visiting and speaking to the locals first hand, as well as simply driving around and checking out the local environments. Make sure to take notes, and discuss this with your fiance, partner or friend.


Knowing what loans you are entitled to, and which are preferable is important when choosing a location to live in. If you’re not careful, you could be tied up in a loan with difficult repayments and a troubling interest rate. This might sound silly, but it’s perfectly possible when you’re worried about securing the house of your dreams, and not with the potential cost or sacrifices you’ll have to make in order to get there. Using this home loan calculator will give you the tools to chart out your financial contributions necessary in the future, allowing you to immediately plan your monetary necessities from the get go.


It’s important to know exactly how you’ll spend a sunny day in your local town. Does your new property have access to a wide array of attractions, suitable for both adults and family? If so, how populated are these in sunny weather, and how available are their opening times? Finding your attractions in this way will allow you to not only see the possibility of recreation in future, but will help you see just how the tourism is in your down. In quaint and historical towns, this might be a lot higher than your previous living location.

However, this can also mean that your children could be guaranteed summer jobs in your nearby environment. Not only that, but it shows a healthy local economy. This means that businesses are unlikely to be shut down or foreclosed in your area, which basically guarantees the valuation of the property you are hoping to purchase. It might even increase in time thanks to this.


How long are you hoping to stay in the new location? Are you moving temporarily for work, are you hoping to explore a new city or environment, or are you truly hoping to settle down and craft the middle chapters of your life? The answers to each one of these examples could be wildly different, in terms of what properties you choose, how much investment you’re willing to part with, and who you choose to move alongside. If you’re simply going to build your career in a new location, then it could be that starting off modest and saving could be your best bet.

Checking around for the best housing deals, potential subsidised resales, or even more attractive renting schemes could be appropriate for everyone. Be sure to gift yourself the most informed opinion you can potentially manage before you make your final decision.

Moving Costs

Of course, purchasing a home is never just purchasing a home. It’s also important to factor in the entire cost of your move to a new location, as this might take the whole affair just slightly out of your paygrade, or force you to loan more from friends or family. Moving costs are not always insignificant, especially if transporting furniture across the breadth of the country. Sometimes this can mean added thousands before the whole affair is completed.

As soon as you decide to put an offer forward, be sure to take this into consideration. If you’re able to, you could preplan the entire cost of the move to the penny, which allows you to truly budget effectively and give yourself more room to manage your upstart costs.


The sale of your home for collateral is something that many people do when moving to a new location. Holding two properties is never fully practical, especially when the ability to meet the cost of the second home is dependent upon how much you sell your current property for. Be sure to compromise only a small amount in the sale of your home, and to put it up with a reputable and popular property agents. Also, do your best to make the property as presentable as possible before viewings. This will allow for people to get the best and fullest impression of your property, which means you may be offered a price more than you originally expected in order to secure it.

Also be sure to organize the sale of your home and the moving in dates of your new property effectively, as any mismanagement here might mean a lack of personal housing for a time.

With these tips, your new move is sure to be as positive and beneficial as you’d hoped

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