Summer Home Security Tips

While it might currently be winter, the weather will start warming up before you know it. When it does, know that you’ll need to change how you protect your home and your family while enjoying the abundant sunshine and longer days. Protecting your home with the help of Alder Home Security can most certainly go a long way, and the same is true of knowing what special security considerations to take when it comes to home security during the summer season.

Lock All Entry Doors

In an effort to enjoy the warm breezes or spend more time outside, you might leave your front doors open during the summer. You might be comfortable, but you also leave yourself open to becoming a burglary victim. Keep unwanted guests from stopping by ensuring you keep the entry doors of your home closed and locked if you plan on being away from your home for a while.

Keep Windows Locked

You might love the warm weather but hate how it makes your cooling bills skyrocket, which might lead to you opening your windows. While no one can blame you for taking steps to remain comfortable in your home and save money at the same time, that open window can become a vulnerability for burglars. Before you head out or go to bed, get into the habit of checking to make sure all your home’s windows are locked and secured.

Look for Pressure Points

As you’re outside your home this summer, be on the lookout for points of entry burglars might use to their advantage. For instance, that ladder you use to climb up on your roof to clean out the gutters could be used to access the second floor of your home. Overgrown shrubs can make the perfect hiding spot for criminals trying to scope out the perimeter of your home, so keep them trimmed. On a related note, letting tree branches grow too close to your home’s windows could also serve as a way for criminals to break into your home. Take a stroll around the outside of your home for potential vulnerabilities.

Prepare Before Going on Vacation

Have you already started planning the vacation you’ll take this summer? If so, be sure you plan on making it look like you’re home so you don’t come back to discover burglars have ransacked your property and taken some of your belongings. Consider installing a timer for your lights to make it appear as if someone is home. Ask your neighbors to check your mail for you so your mailbox doesn’t overflow, making it obvious that no one’s stopped by for awhile. If you’ve got plants or animals to take care of, ask one of your friends or family members if they wouldn’t mind housesitting for you, something that guarantees your home and pets are taken care of in more ways than one.

Keep Your Garage Locked

Trimming your hedges and shrubs is essential to home security, and you might keep those power tools in your garage. Make sure you don’t create one security vulnerability while addressing another. Make sure you keep your garage locked up tight after using power tools, appliances and anything else you might have stored in there. Something to think about with your garage is that a burglar can easily creep inside your garage and make off with anything inside while you go inside your home to answer the phone or take a break from doing yard work.

Prepare to ensure your home remains safe this summer season by making yourself aware of these summer home security tips. They can be just the thing to ensure you truly enjoy yourself and remain safe as the seasons change.


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