How To Deal With An Anxious Doggy

Dogs are amazing aren’t they? Each one so unique in their own way – with big eyes, big ears and floppy waggy tails as well as a big grin. What is truly unique about each dog though, is their personality. Humans, ourselves are pretty unique, but we seem to follow patterns of personality – it seems that every dog is a dog unto itself. But still, there are certain things we can pick up on. Some dogs are hyper, some {Read More}

5 Secret To Add Years To Your Pet’s Life

Death of a family member or a friend is an inevitable, painful experience. All people who have a pet or pets, know how important they are and consider them as a part of a family. The loss of a pet is a painful experience as well. All humans, if in a chance, do their best to keep themselves healthy in order to live longer. People do the same with pets, because if they are not treated well, their life can {Read More}

Why You Need To Own A Dog…Today!

Dogs are great. There are certain reasons not to have them, granted. But you would be hard pressed to find a more loyal animal companion than a dog. It doesn’t matter what stage you are of your life they are always a great addition. The following tips are why you should get one, the benefits they bring and how you can increase the happiness in your life through the ownership of a dog. You may be someone who has never {Read More}

Do Dogs and Children Always Get On?

The idea of a family dog is such an attractive one, such a staple, that many families jump right on in without another thought. Or perhaps you already had a dog when you learned you were pregnant, and your child has never known a world where there’s not paws as well as feet treading the carpet of their home. Either way, it’s a staple, a normal part of growing up. Most of us grew up with a pet of some {Read More}

Contented Canine: How To Banish Your Dog’s Stress

Just like humans, dogs can feel stress and anxiety when their life isn’t going their way. Some dogs experience separation anxiety when they’re apart from their favorite humans; others get anxious around other dogs, or in the car. If your dog is experiencing digestive issues, a lack of appetite or they’re sleeping for longer than usual, or becoming more aggressive than usual; they could be experiencing stress. Here are some ways to ensure your dog is as happy and healthy {Read More}

The Ups And Downs Of Having A Big Dog

At a time when some families continue to wonder whether having a dog is a good idea or not, it’s time to expose some of the obvious pros and cons of dog ownership, specifically owning big dogs. Indeed, there is no denying that a dog makes a wonderful companion who will love you and cherish your family as his or her own. On the other end, a dog doesn’t come for free, and you will need to care for all {Read More}

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