GuruNanda™ Aromatherapy Kits and Essential Oil Blends

Over the years, I have been hearing more and more about Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy, is when one uses oils from plants and essential oils for physical and psychological health. When one combines certain oils together, they get a fragrance that is not only calming, but also soothing. Essential Oils can be blended with a carrier oil and used for pain, headaches, depression and even helping you balance out your hormones. Recently, my family was sent a GuruNada Essential Oil Diffuser and {Read More}

Eat Better, Feel Better With Tropical Smoothie Café

How many of you like to eat out? My family has found eating out tends to be cheaper than cooking at home, this is a sad but true statement. When eating out we can pack on some pounds! With the new year here our goal as a family is if we eat out to find a more healthy option. With Tropical Smoothie Café we can eat better, feel better. For a limited time Tropical Smoothie Café has introduced two new {Read More}

Krystal Partners With King and Prince Seafood

Krystal restaurants have recently partnered with King and Prince Seafood. Now until February 21st, Krystal will be serving up some delicious seafood. If you like Shrimp, Krystal has you covered. For a limited time they have included Shrimp & Grits, Shrimp Po’ Boys and a Double-Dozen Shrimp Basket to their menu. Not only has Krystal added a few limited addition products to their menu, they’ve also have a Family-Fun Sweepstakes going on right now! Which one of you would love {Read More}

Ovation Brands Team Up With National Geographic Kids Almanac

Ovation Brands buffets have always been a favorite of ours. Whether my family is looking for a quick breakfast at Ryan’s or a Thursday family night dinner, we always know we will walk out of Ryan’s satisfied with service and our bellies full. Ovation Brands is always bringing something new to the plate and their restaurants. Starting January 14th through February 29th, if you visit Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s Hometown Buffet, or Country Buffet on Thursday’s from 5 to 8pm, {Read More}

Why I Enter Sweepstakes and Giveaways

Entering giveaways can be an addiction, it can be a bad addiction where you eat, sleep, and think giveaways. At one point in my life, I would stay on the computer for hours entering giveaways. I would wake up first thing in the morning and enter, I didn’t have time for anything else, because I was so addicted. Over the years my addiction has settled down some, I can now get off the computer and not have withdraws. When I {Read More}

Jewelry In Candles A Surprise In Every Product

Jewelry in Candles is a company that started a few years ago, they make their candles with soy wax and add fragrances that make your home and office smell spectacular. Each candle and pack of tart they sell, come with a ring, necklace, bangle, or charm. What makes them stand out, is you get to choice which ring size you would like and each ring has a value of at least $10 and some even have a higher value. While, {Read More}

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