Why I Enter Sweepstakes and Giveaways

Entering giveaways can be an addiction, it can be a bad addiction where you eat, sleep, and think giveaways. At one point in my life, I would stay on the computer for hours entering giveaways. I would wake up first thing in the morning and enter, I didn’t have time for anything else, because I was so addicted. Over the years my addiction has settled down some, I can now get off the computer and not have withdraws. When I {Read More}

Jewelry In Candles A Surprise In Every Product

Jewelry in Candles is a company that started a few years ago, they make their candles with soy wax and add fragrances that make your home and office smell spectacular. Each candle and pack of tart they sell, come with a ring, necklace, bangle, or charm. What makes them stand out, is you get to choice which ring size you would like and each ring has a value of at least $10 and some even have a higher value. While, {Read More}

Spread Cheer This #CookieSeason With Betty Crocker and Ziploc

The holiday season can be one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year. Not only do we stress about making sure we get everything our kids want on their Christmas lists, but we also want to make sure we get the people in our lives that have been there for us through-out the year a little something. If your family is like mine, after shopping for the kids, things are usually tight and we have no money {Read More}

Stomp Out Bullying This Holiday Season

Back when I went to school we didn’t hear much about bullying. Now it seems as if bullying is everywhere we look. I blame a lot of this to the Internet. While the Internet isn’t the cause of the bullying, it does give children a broader playground to bully. With our children trying to fit into their little groups, they take to the Internet to look cool. Whether this means bullying other children or doing stupid Internet challenges that are {Read More}

Experience The Food Lion Recipe Portal In Addition To The Coupon Hub

When it comes to grocery shopping, I like things easy and simple. To prepare for our monthly meals, I find recipes that I will be preparing, I then make my list. If I have coupons I get those ready for my quick shopping trip. I am not one to spend hours in a store shopping for groceries. I am a get in and out type of person and I often find myself walking out of the store forgetting at least {Read More}

Join Ovation Brand Restaurants For Some Science Themed Fun

As the end of the year is fast approaching, Ovation Brands restaurants will be ramping up their kids meals and Family Night offerings.  From November 12th through December 31st, they’ll be teaming up with the innovative, exciting and newly-launched animated series, Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab series, available on Netflix, PBS Stations, and Comcast X Finity. Each Thursday from 5-8PM (excluding holidays) they’ll be hosting a different science-themed event in their restaurants, from showing kids how cotton candy is made, to why we dream {Read More}

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