Leather iPad Case Giveaway


If you like leather and you have an iPad this is a giveaway just for you! Zoogue.com is giving one lucky reader of The Neat Things in Life a chance to win a Leather iPad Case. This particular case comes in either black or pink and retails for $49.99. One great thing about this case, is it’s compatible with the iPad 2, and the 3rd and 4th generation iPads. It has many great features such as its adjustable strap which {Read More}

Wholesome Cravings The Healthy Snack Option

Wholesome Cravings

Over the past year or so, my family has made a huge change when it comes to how we eat. While we still grab a not so healthy snack once in awhile, we try to grab only the healthy snacks. With that being said, I have a love for SWEETS! Finding sweets that are both healthy and that will satisfy me have been a little challenge. So when I was contacted to see if I would be interested in reviewing {Read More}

Sweet Slumber Pillows Review


There are several types of people, there are people who can get by on a few hours of sleep in very awkward positions, then there’s people like me who needs several hours of sleep, and that sleep needs to be a comfy type of sleep, or those hours slept meant nothing. No matter how hot or cold it is out, I need a certain blanket on me in order to sleep. If I don’t have that blanket close by I {Read More}

3D Printing The Next Big Thing Giveaway

3d printed movable objects

My husband has been very interested in 3d Printing since he first heard about it a few years ago. He had always showed interested in wanting to make the purchase, however, the prices were extremely high, and we new we would never be able to make that purchase. Well, this year we took the plunge. We decided we would take a small part of our taxes and make the purchase. This decision wasn’t one that we took lightly, we pondered {Read More}

Head To CVS For Those Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts

Valentines with CVS

How many of you have yet to make those Valentine Day purchases? My husband and I usually never purchase for each other, we always try to get our daughter something even if it’s just something small. If you are a last minute shopper like me, you’re in luck. Even though Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, there’s still time to head out to your local CVS Pharmacy and pick up some sweet treats at affordable prices. We were recently sent some goodies {Read More}

iCoffee by Remington Review and Giveaway


The first time I ever had coffee, I was about 7 years old. I remember waking up every morning about 4am with grandma and grandpa in the summer months, and before they left to go to work, we would have a cup of coffee and breakfast. Summertimes are meant for those young kids to sleep in, but for us it meant spending as much time with out grandparents as possible. As I got older my stomach couldn’t take the acid {Read More}