The Benefits of Traveling with a Dog: Why You Should Take Rover on Your Trips

As dog owners, we are all grateful for the happiness and cheer that our beloved furry friends bring into our lives. We all know that feeling when we finally get home after a long and tiring day at work to be greeted by that ecstatic bark and furiously wagging tail; it feels like our problems just don’t matter anymore. However, a traveling trip is where most dog owners draw the line. We’re happy to spend time with our canine companion {Read More}

Stay In The Saddle With These Important Safety Tips

No matter how long you have been horse riding for, it is still a dangerous pastime. Horses can be very unpredictable, no matter how well trained you think yours may be. And as a fall from a horse can lead to serious injuries, it is always better to be safe than sorry. To ensure you stay in your saddle, keep in mind these important safety tips. Ride A Suitable Horses Just like humans, horses come in many different shapes and {Read More}

No, Animals are Not Toys: Teaching Children to Be Safe Around Wildlife

If you think back and imagine what it was like playing outside as a kid and exploring new areas, you can see that your children could view an open wildlife area like a giant playground, which is why they need to be taught how to stay safe around wildlife. Most of us have at some point used the services of someone like in order to sort out a domestic issue with insects and animals, but if your child encounters {Read More}

7 Things Your Pet Pooch Needs For a Happier Life

When we welcome a new pet pooch into the home, they quickly become a member of our family. Most of us will bend over backwards to ensure our dogs are as happy as our children. However, if you’ve never had pets before then it’s difficult to know what to do. What will make your dog the happiest, waggiest dog on the block? Here are 7 things every pooch needs for a happier life. 1. Good Food Your dog’s diet is {Read More}

PetBox: The Box Subscription For Our Furrbabies #Review

How many of you have heard of PetBox? The first time I heard of this service was a few weeks ago. PetBox, is like other box subscription services, the only difference, is this service is for our furrbabies. It’s currently the only box service for both dogs and cats that offer premium pet products. The great thing about this service, is you get to pick exactly what goes into the box. PetBox is the only box for both dogs and {Read More}

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