Filling In The Blanks

I have been debating awhile now whether to share my experience and my thoughts about a very sensitive matter. A matter that is my everyday life, a matter that I have been living for years. I thought about starting a new site just to speak of this issue. I am not blogging my life experiences for others to feel sorry or pity my family. I am sharing in hopes that it helps others. First post won’t be short and sweet, {Read More}

Top 5 Mental Disorders In The United States of America

Statistics show that 1 in 4 adults in America suffer from some form of mental illness. This year has shown a tremendous increase in mental disorders among adults, teens and the elderly. Based on statistics taken from the CDC and other sources, we have comprised a list of the top 5 mental disorders affecting the American population today. 5 – Schizophrenia This condition comes in two types. While both varieties can cause auditory and visual hallucinations. Those with the paranoid {Read More}

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