GlassesUSA Affordable Glasses Without The Hassle

I received product free of charge to give my honest opinion about GlassesUSA. I wouldn’t say I am a glasses snob, but when it comes to my glasses, I want something that is going to look good. I want many options depending on my mood. I don’t want to pay crazy prices to have several pairs of glasses. I don’t want to have to purchases glasses and wait to get them to see if I like how they look on {Read More}

I Can See Clearly Now With Trioo Eyewear

I have been wearing glasses now since I was about 12 years old and if you don’t have insurance they can be costly. Here in Tennessee your eye prescription expires every year, which means you have to get a new exam. My eyes seem to change rapidly so every year, I am left purchasing a new pair. Until a few years ago, I never realized, I could order my glasses on-line for a lot less then they sell them for {Read More}

Going Hingeless On EyeGlasses

I have always had some sort of vision insurance, so I never paid much attention to the different types of eyeglasses out there. I always went in for my yearly exam, and got my glasses. It wasn’t until recently that I new I had to go in and get a vision test without insurance, and I knew this also meant, I would be paying out of pocket for my new glasses. If you have ever had to go get glasses {Read More}

Finding Quality Eyeglasses

I have been wearing glasses since about 7th grade! I have spent thousands of dollars on eye exams and eye glasses. Finding quality eyeglasses for a reasonable price can sometimes be a challenge. I want something that will not only look good, but will last me a while, and not cost me a bundle. Often times finding that perfect pair can be tough. Have you ever been into an eye doctors office and seen all the eyeglass displays! It can {Read More}

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