Road Safety Advice All Elderly Drivers Should Bear in Mind

As a senior driver, you have more experience out on the roads than anyone. So it can be frustrating to have people questioning your driving skills- particularly since you’ve been driving for longer than these people have been alive! Most older adults are perfectly safe to drive, which is why in most countries there’s no upper age limit. However as you do progress in your life there are a few things that are worth bearing in mind, particularly if you {Read More}

Little Foundations, Big Impact: How Your Child’s First Teeth Affect Their Oral Development.

Primary teeth, also known as “baby teeth” or “deciduous teeth” begin to develop under the gums during the second trimester of pregnancy and usually appear between 6 and 12 months old. By the time they start school your child should have a full set of 20 primary teeth, including four molars on each side. If neglected, children can develop badly decayed primary teeth, promoting the onset of childhood periodontal disease. The condition involves oral bacteria invading and eroding gums, ligaments {Read More}

Food – An Investment In Yourself

Investments are a funny thing – just the idea of making our money work for us. You see, we spend ages saving up (or some of us might come into money through a big work bonus, or even inheritance). This is so that we can create a pool of funds that we can put to work in stocks, bonds, commodities, properties, and treasuries so that it gathers a return in proportion to amount of funds used. This can be quite {Read More}

The Cure To High Medical Bills

Failing to financially prepare for bad health can result in unhealthy debts. Whilst health insurance can go some way in paying for medical bills, there are many other ways to make healthcare more affordable. Keep an emergency fund Offering to pay some money towards healthcare (known as a deductible) can greatly lower your insurance. If you can save up a safety net of two thousand dollars, this could go a long way. You may not even need to use your {Read More}

Parents Who Refuse Care: What Is The Right Thing To Do?

It’s no secret that as they get older, our parents need more care and attention. While you are happy and willing to provide this, sometimes it can go beyond your capabilities. Your parents might need specialist care to deal with a medical condition or to assist them with limited mobility. But if they decline any offers of additional help it can leave you both in a difficult and potentially dangerous situation. Their condition might get more severe, and you might {Read More}

The Surprising Ways That The Internet Can Improve Your Anxiety

Anxiety can be a silent struggle. For many anxiety sufferers, even their friends and family may not know the extent of the problem. Anxiety can be a difficult condition to describe or discuss because it often inspires guilt or shame in the sufferer. Many people dealing with anxiety have been told to “get a grip”, “man up”, or even to stop “attention seeking”. Labels and ignorance like this can do a lot of damage in both direct and indirect ways. {Read More}

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