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Getting Moving in 2017 With The Cardio Dance Hoop

I received product for review purposes only. No other form of payment was received. If you have been a follower of The Neat Things in Life, you know I struggled with my weight from a very young age. I find it extremely hard to find the motivation to get up and move more. When I start to get into a workout routine, I get bored because it seems as though the weight isn’t coming off fast enough for me, which {Read More}

Is It Cheaper To Buy A Mattress On-line Or In A Store?

A good crib mattress is not cheap but this is likely the only place where you will leave your baby unattended. An infant will be sleeping as much as 18 hours a day and the mattress is likely to last for up to three years, so this is an important choice. Don’t go second-hand Second-hand crib mattresses are best avoided as you have no idea how one has been cared for, offering risks of mold and bacteria, nor do you {Read More}

Say This, Not That: Words and Phrases That Can Kill Your Marriage

A healthy relationship is built on good communication. The way two people interact with one another, especially where words are concerned, has a definite and daily impact on their interpersonal happiness and sense of well being. Unfortunately, many people don’t think twice before saying something curt and unproductive to their partner. Do this enough times, and a once-blissful relationship can be ruined. In the interest of loving communication, we offer these few expressions that ought never be part of a {Read More}

Have A Healthy Divorce With This 3-Step Plan

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, your marriage is past the point of being saved. They may have been infidelity, abuse, lack of trust or maybe you’ve drifted apart in recent years. No matter what the cause it, there’s no denying that a divorce can turn your world upside down. Your emotions will run high, and it’s not difficult to see why so many divorces involve conflict. But believe it or not, your divorce doesn’t have to be the {Read More}

How To Beat Unpredictable Weather At It’s Own Game

If you live in a place where the weather is totally reliable and steady, you’re definitely one of the lucky ones! For the rest of us, the weather can be known to change in a matter of minutes. In some places, it can be sunny in the back garden and rainy in the front garden! In others, you can wake up to deep snow and fall asleep to clear roads and streets again. Weather is one of the few things {Read More}

Five Steps To Take So That Personal Injury Doesn’t Put A Hold On Your Life

A personal injury can take up a lot of time in your life. From the moment it happens, everything you do is altered. You might recover just fine in time, but even if that’s the case, it can be hugely disruptive. So, how do you make sure it doesn’t take over your life? Are you going to be compensated? Who’s responsible? And how do you get back on your feet? Hopefully, the tips we’ve collected below can help you answer {Read More}

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