You Can Stop Wasting Time On Trial and Error For Your Health, Your Diet and Your Fitness. The Answer To The Question – How Do I Get It All? – Is Here.

By Matt Riemann, ph360 founder, entrepreneur, changemaker Imagine Gina and Marie have just signed up for ph360 – the personalized health program based on Epigenetics. These two have known each other since their college years and have always done everything together. Now they plan to go on a diet together to lose the 10 pounds they each feel they want to lose to get their bodies beach ready. They’ve taken twenty minutes to do the online questionnaire that will determine {Read More}

Leggo Bikes Introduces The Leg&Go 8-in1 Bike

I am all about bringing you some of those neat things in life and the 8-in-1 bike from Leggo Bikes is one of those neat things in life! When our daughter was younger we went from a big wheel, to a tricycle, to a big girl bike with training wheels. We never made it past the training wheel stage because our daughter was to scared of falling and she lost interested in bikes. I know if the Leg&Go 8-in-1 bike {Read More}

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