Family Fun in Flora-Bama

I don’t think my family has taken a real vacation in for ever. I mean we go camping once in awhile, and we have made a few trips back to Michigan. However, a real family vacation in a place we have never been has never happened. With my husband’s birthday, our wedding anniversary and my birthday all back to back, my husband and I was going to go stay at a nice hotel to celebrate, however, last minute we decided {Read More}

The Look Of Paris

Have you ever dreamed of living in Paris? I never really thought about it, until I watched Julie & Julia, movies such as these will have one in awe of the beauty that lays in France. With only seeing the lands of the USA, I think it would be neat to live in another country, or at least go visit one for a few weeks. Have you ever thought about taking a vacation to Paris? What if you could go {Read More}

Vacationing in Hawaii

Spring break is over and Summer has yet to begin. Soon families will be taking their vacations from work and piling the kids into the car. While some will go camping others will go to exotic destinations. Hawaii is a great destination for those wanting to see exotic lands. It’s known for its many islands and its beauty. Hawaii, has always been a place in the states I have wanted to visit. I have had many friends go there on {Read More}

Family Vacation Wish List

Spring is already here, and summer is soon approaching. With warmer weather it means more family time. One thing I dislike about the winter months, is we all get stuck inside. Being stuck inside can make one become extremely depressed! What better way to make those frowns turn upside down then some family fun in the sun! Have you ever sat there after winter and thought of all the fun exotic places you would like to go with your family? {Read More}

A Night Out

With being a parent you may find it to be a challenge to get in some alone time with your husband. I know all to well what that is like! As adults I think it’s important to have that one on one time with our spouse. When one goes to long without that special time, tensions can build and you may find yourselves arguing a lot more than usually. My husband and I like to get hotel rooms through-out the {Read More}

Planning A Family Vacation To Hawaii

As one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, the islands of Hawaii offer visitors scenic beauty and a wide variety of attraction hot spots. Although there are several island destinations in Hawaii, the oldest of them is Kauai. The island is over 500 square miles and is home to many vacation lodging choices. Finding the best vacation rentals in Kauai is one of the first things any vacationing family should do when they begin planning their trip. {Read More}

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