Row Row Row Your Boat: An Effective Way To Keep Fit

The Rio Olympics are over, and people are trying out a whole host of new sports they’ve seen on the television over the past month. Rowing is a sport that most of us are familiar with. However, it probably springs thoughts of the races between Oxford University Boat Club and Cambridge University Boat Club. Two teams of privileged students rowing rapidly down the Thames. But this isn’t the reality for most of us when it comes to rowing. What we {Read More}

Journey Gym 70 Day Challenge Day 43

Day 43 complete! I was going to do a vlog today, but I decided to wait until tomorrow. I have all my numbers, and tomorrow during the vlog, I will give you the numbers! I am excited to share them with you, and I am even more excited to see what the numbers will look like in two more weeks. I didn’t do two workouts yesterday, but I did do the main one, so that was good. Today’s workout was {Read More}

Working Out With Ellie

With working on losing weight, it’s important to have the proper workout gear. Have you ever tried working out in your jeans? Yea, I have, and well, I’ll be honest, I don’t have many clothes that are good for working out. I would often find myself having to hold my pant legs up while trying to get in those steps. Not fun!!! Recently, I was introduced to Ellie, Ellie mixes essential fashion-forward looks with high-tech performance activewear for the most {Read More}

Journey Gym 70 Day Challenge Day 19

Woot done with day 19! I so can do a plank for almost 30 seconds LOL. I am still chicken to jump on the board and off the board, but I make sure to keep moving. Tomorrow I am stocking up on veggies an fruit, and I am going to work on reducing the carbs I intake. One day at a time! The scale is bouncing a lot, but I know I am building muscle, I am slowly seeing the {Read More}

Journey Gym 70 Day Challenge Day 12

Betcha didn’t think I was going to make it to day 12 did ya? No worries, I didn’t either, and I almost didn’t. I just got done doing my day 12 workout for the 70 day Journey Gym Challenge. I go to bed with my arms killing me, and I wake up still feeling the burn. I cannot believe I made it to day 12, the workouts are getting a lot harder, I try my best to follow them all {Read More}

Journey Gym 70 Day Challenge Day 8

Day 8 Complete! I woke up this morning and did my weigh-in and measurements. I am not 100% positive on how much I have lost at this point. I had to switch out bathroom scales, because the one that does all the neat measures, doesn’t seem to want to do right. I can step on it one minute, and the the next it says I lost an insane amount of weight. So, I have switched to my more dependable one, {Read More}

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