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Guess what if I haven’t told you all yet I hate garden’s. “sigh” As I have previously posted my husband and I started a garden I was thinking yea we can do this and then we can have diced tomatoes and salsa all the time. LMFAO I was mistaken. So here is my horror stories of our garden.

First we got everything ready and I had to rake all the grass out of our tilled area. I thought I was gonna die it was not fun. Then we planted and the next day it rains. And I am not talking a small amount of rain I am talking like 10 days of rain. So yea half the garden died. We planted seeds not plants so tomatoes are gone, peppers both bell and hot are gone, carrots are gone, onions are gone, thyme, rosemary, and cilantro all gone gone gone. We do however have cucumbers, yellow squash, watermelon and pumpkins growing pretty good.

So anyways I goto the store and I am gonna have a damn garden so I buy the things to do a starter plant in the house. Things are going great I have the grow light on them since we really don’t have access to a window where sun comes in. Guess what the stems grew to fast so yea I think I killed them “sighs” I just want some veggies I can freeze oh well maybe next year.

However I am not giving up on it I will keep trying, but but but the weeds in the garden outside are getting on my nerves. I weeded the garden last night woah I was sweating like crazy. But anyways I better get back to entering sweeps. I will be back when I get bored of that.

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