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I never seen myself owning a dog when I became an adult. While I thought they were cute, I also thought they smelled and I disliked the shedding. However, after our short stay with family in Michigan, my thoughts on owning a dog changed. While, Bones and Yoda are “dogs” they’re just like my kids! So when it comes to feeding them, we try to feed them the best.

Recently, Bones and Yoda had an opportunity to check out Healthy Elements Dog food and treats.

dog food

As soon as the package came we opened it up and gave it a try!

pet food

The treats they were even more excited about! Having a puppy still in training the soft and moist treats are perfect, while the crunch snacks are perfect for those potty training treats! Both Bones and Yoda seem to like Healthy Elements dog food and treats extremely well.

Healthy Elements dog food line contain no fillers, meat by products, artificial colors or flavors, which makes it perfect for my furrbabies. It’s currently available in selected Target Stores, and comes in many varieties.

Since I cannot give my personal opinion on the taste and such of the product, as being the parent of a furr baby I can say, that I like the fact they don’t use fillers. I want my furr babies to get all the nutrients they need without the additives. Like I said my furr babies are like my children, and well I don’t feed my daughter processed foods, and I don’t like the idea of feeding our furr babies processed foods either.

How many of you look at the ingredients of the foods you feed your pets?

Make sure to use the Healthy Elements Store Finder to see where you can purchase Healthy Elements.

One lucky reader of The Neat Things in Life, is going to win a Healthy Elements Gift Pack for their furr baby!



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