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Great Homeschool Activities For The First Week Back

So you homeschool your kids, and you are looking for ways to engage them on the first day back, without pushing them, or you, too hard? Then keep reading for some educational and entertaining suggestions to help you all make the transition as easily as possible. Homeschool vs. public school differences The first week of public schooling isn’t quite like any other week of education. This is because there are all sorts of settling in, and administrative activities to do. {Read More}

Celebrate Christmas With Oriental Trading

We received product for review purposes only. Oriental Trading is my go to place for all my crafting needs. During the holiday seasons I love doing crafts with my daughter and niece. It’s a great way to spend time with one another and is usually pretty cheap. The kids love making new creations to hang around the house and on the tree. I always find a wide range of craft items for excellent pricing at Oriental Trading. Whether looking for {Read More}

Holiday Cross Stitch Patterns

The Holidays are my favorite and when it comes to gift giving, I personally like to give gifts that are handmade. When it comes to any sort of crafting, my husband likes to brag me up. I happen to look at things a bit differently though. I personally think that everyone is a crafter in some sort of way. I can pretty much make anything as long as I have a pattern. My favorite type of crafting is cross stitching {Read More}

Math Made Fun With Math Bingo

How many of you remember back when you were in school? I graduated in 1997, but I still can remember how much I disliked Math. It always seemed like the class was the longest of all my classes. While Math wasn’t my worst subject, it sure wasn’t my best subject. With homeschooling our daughter, the one subject she to struggles with is Math. With so many new resources, Math no longer has to be a struggle for our children. We {Read More}

Purchasing Wholesale Canvas For Art Projects

I have never been a crafty person. Not long ago, I decided to take the plunge into the crafting world. While I consider myself an amateur crafter, I know my crafting is nice enough to display on my home walls. I recently got into doing canvas arts. My daughter loves the crayon on canvas art, and I love using the silhouette cameo to make painted saying canvases. Not only does canvas art have a nice look, when you purchase wholesale {Read More}

How To Overcome Distractions In Homeschooling

Homeschooling can offer you the chance to educate your children in a nurturing environment and it could help your youngsters to fulfill their academic potential. However, as education specialists Oxford Home Schooling point out, when you’re teaching your kids, you need to be sure that they are getting the best possible schooling outside the traditional classroom environment. One possible barrier to this is distraction. In busy family households, there can be lots of things that take youngsters’ attention away from {Read More}

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