Everyday Habits That Are Setting You Up For Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common aches among adults, and it’s the one thing that takes people straight to the GP – more than the common cold does! Back pain, whether this is the top of the back or the lower back, is hard to deal with. Popping painkillers often does little more than mask the issue rather than fix it and having to take time out of your day to attend physio can be bothersome. There are {Read More}

New Years’ Revolution – How to Turn Your Best of Intentions into Reality Next Year

It’s here again. That time of year that we all love, dread, or perhaps, a bit of both. For all the pleasantries, festivities, excesses, frustrations, mayhem and chaos, nothing can stop the march of time as one year draws to a close and the new one dawns. For many of us, that means rolling out the same old New Years’ resolutions that we make every year and promptly allow to fall by the wayside. As 2018 looms large, perhaps it’s {Read More}

Birthing Options To Have A Smooth And More Comfortable Labor

You’ve made it – right from the moment that little stick showed a wonderful positive sign, all the way to the last few months of your pregnancy, and it’s all starting to feel extremely real. You’ve started nesting, avoiding the show one born every minute, and are anticipating what’s to come – eager to meet your little one. Whether this is your first pregnancy or your third, the premise of giving birth may make you feel a little anxious. To {Read More}

Resetting The Balance: Raising A Healthy Child By Reaffirming The Basics

As parents, there can be a lot of anxieties in wondering if we are doing the right things. Yes, some of the basics of raising a healthy child or the importance of having our children maintain a healthy lifestyle can be harder than we think sometimes. As obvious as they seem, from making sure they eat healthy fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, not indulging in too much sugar and so forth, but the basics in raising a healthy child aren’t {Read More}

Clearing the Air: Moving is a Great Time to Downsize and Clear out the Clutter that is Filling Your Air with Dust

We collect a lot of stuff throughout our lives. The longer we set down roots in one home, the more things we seem to gather. Magazines, old bills, ill-fitting clothing and items with sentimental value can quickly pile up around your home and make the prospect of packing it all to move downright daunting. If you’re in the process of looking for movers in Toronto, it may be time to look at decluttering. Let’s be honest, do you really want {Read More}

What to Do When You Need to Find a Heroin Detox Center

At least a million Americans use heroin, and the problem is getting worse. Many opiate addicts have turned to heroin as stricter laws make prescription drugs harder to obtain. At the same time, the recent popularity of fentanyl additives (extremely potent synthetic opioids) has greatly increased the risks of using unregulated drugs. Between 2010 and 2016, fatal heroin overdoses climbed, steadily but rapidly, from under 5,000 a year to nearly 15,500. If you or a loved one have the heroin {Read More}

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