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Frozen Donor Eggs: How Cutting-Edge Science Techniques Are Changing Fertility Treatments

Life is often depicted as a fairy tale where falling in love is easy, magical, and everlasting. It isn’t. Nowadays, more and more Americans are becoming content with singlehood and have no plans to get married, or at least not anytime soon. Career driven and independent women are also deciding to have children much later in life. Giving birth at an older age is becoming a norm. In fact, the mean age of a woman having her first child in {Read More}

Getting Moving in 2017 With The Cardio Dance Hoop

I received product for review purposes only. No other form of payment was received. If you have been a follower of The Neat Things in Life, you know I struggled with my weight from a very young age. I find it extremely hard to find the motivation to get up and move more. When I start to get into a workout routine, I get bored because it seems as though the weight isn’t coming off fast enough for me, which {Read More}

Master Your Morning Depression: Simple Strategies to Wake Up on the Right Side of Your Bed

What sort of mood you wake up in will often shape the sort of day that you are likely to have, so if you often wake up feeling down or in a bad mood, it is time to employ some simple strategies and wake up on the right side of bed instead. Sleeping on a modern mattress that is designed to give you a comfortable and restful sleep, will be a good starting point, and there are some other things {Read More}

Eating Trends of The Past Year: What To Try and What To Avoid

The holidays will shortly be upon us. We all know that afterward, we all want to shift a few pounds; to start the new year off to a healthy start. But how can you lose some weight? I think that a lot of us do better when someone else tells us what to do. So to start with, it could be worth joining a group or getting a buddy. Then you can schedule weigh-ins. You are more accountable to someone, {Read More}

Is It Cheaper To Buy A Mattress On-line Or In A Store?

A good crib mattress is not cheap but this is likely the only place where you will leave your baby unattended. An infant will be sleeping as much as 18 hours a day and the mattress is likely to last for up to three years, so this is an important choice. Don’t go second-hand Second-hand crib mattresses are best avoided as you have no idea how one has been cared for, offering risks of mold and bacteria, nor do you {Read More}

ProNourish ™ Nutrition You Can Feel Good About

Do you suffer from stomach issues? I didn’t until the birth of my daughter back in 2001, now it seems like everything I eat and drink causes stomach discomfort. I can be sitting at the table attempting to eat dinner, when I have to run to the bathroom. Going out to eat is pretty much a no-go for my family. I have discussed the issue with my doctor and it was discovered I am insulin resistant and may possibly have {Read More}

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