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Is Age Really Just A Number?

There’s a saying that suggests that you’re only as old as you feel, but what impact does aging really have on your health and can you really roll back the years? It’s never too early to start looking after your body and paving the way for good health in later life. If you’re keen to prove that age is just a number as you get older, here are some top tips to help you prevent age-related illnesses. Heart health Age {Read More}

The Seven Most Effective Diet Pills You Should Know

Diet pills are very popular particularly because they contain natural ingredients and promise effective, but safe weight loss. New products keep showing up on the shelves in drugstores or online and it can be difficult to find the one that will truly work. Nobody wants to buy an ineffective supplement and end up purchasing something else; it’s like a vicious circle where you lose money, patience, and motivation. You don’t really have to make that mistake. This article will feature {Read More}

Food – An Investment In Yourself

Investments are a funny thing – just the idea of making our money work for us. You see, we spend ages saving up (or some of us might come into money through a big work bonus, or even inheritance). This is so that we can create a pool of funds that we can put to work in stocks, bonds, commodities, properties, and treasuries so that it gathers a return in proportion to amount of funds used. This can be quite {Read More}

10 Days Yoga Plan for Moms to Lose 10 pounds

Your dress is not stretchable like your jeans, and you won’t fit into it with your puffed up mommy body unless you shed off some of your extra pounds. Losing weight for a mom in just 10 days might sound to be a bit difficult but it is not actually. But this superfast fast way to become a yummy-mummy can only be accomplished under the trained hands of Yoga. Since pre-historic times, Yoga is spreading its goodness among the mankind. {Read More}

Vitamins & Minerals Your Body Craves

The body is a complex system that has so many wants and needs. Each organ is made differently and requires something different to keep it going. We all know we need various vitamins and supplements in our diets, but unless you are a dietitian or in the world of health, it can be difficult to decipher what all the letters mean. If you aren’t sure what vitamins and minerals your body needs, you’ve come to the right place. To keep {Read More}

Weaknesses Are Opportunities

Sometimes it annoys me when people talk about their child’s educational weaknesses. What they really mean to say is that they have some things that they are not as good at than others. Which by the way is totally normal. No one is good at everything. In fact, having things we need to improve on, keep us humble and grounded. That is it’s better to see weaknesses as possibilities, as chances for your kids to learn and develop. For some {Read More}

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