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Contented Canine: How To Banish Your Dog’s Stress

Just like humans, dogs can feel stress and anxiety when their life isn’t going their way. Some dogs experience separation anxiety when they’re apart from their favorite humans; others get anxious around other dogs, or in the car. If your dog is experiencing digestive issues, a lack of appetite or they’re sleeping for longer than usual, or becoming more aggressive than usual; they could be experiencing stress. Here are some ways to ensure your dog is as happy and healthy {Read More}

The Ups And Downs Of Having A Big Dog

At a time when some families continue to wonder whether having a dog is a good idea or not, it’s time to expose some of the obvious pros and cons of dog ownership, specifically owning big dogs. Indeed, there is no denying that a dog makes a wonderful companion who will love you and cherish your family as his or her own. On the other end, a dog doesn’t come for free, and you will need to care for all {Read More}

Big Dogs: Dog Proofing Your Home

If you have a large dog you’ll know that along with all the benefits of big dogs, they have quite a few drawbacks. This shouldn’t put you off getting a big dog, but just make sure you’re ready to take on more responsibilities. If you have a big dog you need to train them properly and make sure you can handle them. Even then their strength and power means they can destroy corners of our homes without even meaning too. {Read More}

Dog On The Way? Prepare Your Home For Arrival

It is an exciting time for any family when you decide to get a pet dog. They can be with you for years and literally grow with you, becoming a vital part of your family. But you need to properly prepare otherwise you could be left in a bit of trouble. A dog requires a specific amount of commitment, so deck the cards in your favour and be prepared. This applies in all cases, whether you’re buying, adopting or fostering {Read More}

How To Name Your Dog INFOGRAPHIC

Our daughter has a love for all animals. Whenever someone drops off a dog on our street it usually finds it’s way to our home. With being a sucker I try to rehome it instead of letting it run the streets. Oftentimes we will give the dog a name until it finds a furrever home. Below is an Infographic that will help you name your next furrbaby.

Puppy Tips Every Dog Lover Needs

Even you have had a number of dogs in the past, getting a puppy is completely different. You will need to invest a lot more time and money into looking after your new pup. This is all because the puppy needs to be disciplined and taught how to behave well. But there are also some other aspects of owning a puppy that you will need to get used to. Here are some puppy tips you might find very useful. Get {Read More}

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