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Winners for 2014 Below

January Winners:

Drawing by Mitch Giveaway – Kath B. (Confirmed)
Entertainment Book Giveaway – DS O. (Confirmed)
Maurices Giveaway – Melissa M. (Confirmed)
Mother’s Therapy Organic Products Giveaway – Misty V
Clue Giveaway – Becky V (Confirmed)

Winners for 2013 Below

November and December Winners:

TASSIMO Giveaway – Karen M. (Confirmed)
Key Ingredient Reader Giveaway – Andrina G. (Confirmed)
Balance Bar Giveaway – Bryan E. (Confirmed)
$15 in Dove Product Giveaway – Bethany N. (Confirmed)
Ornaments with Love Giveaway – Karen M. (Confirmed)
Extend Giveaway – Karen G. (Confirmed)
Christmas Forest Wreath Giveaway – Michael M. (Confirmed)
PicturesOnGold Giveaway – Katie R. (Confirmed)
Mystic Lights Giveaway – Karen M. (Confirmed)

September and October Winners:

Shutterfly – Lisa G. (Confirmed)
Period Pack – Sarah H. (Confirmed)
Pork Chomps – Gloria S. (Confirmed), Melissa M. (Confirmed)
The Juppy Baby Walker – Tamar S. (Confirmed)
Garfield Giveaway – Maria (Confirmed)
Healthy Elements – Angela A. (Confirmed)
BIC – Katie C. (Confirmed)
Sonic – Jessica T. (Confirmed) – Lisa G. (Confirmed)
Curamin -Brittney H. (Confirmed)

July and August Winners:

Pillsbury Giveaway – Wild O (Confirmed)
YouthPerfect Giveaway – Deb S (Confirmed)
BIC Razor Giveaway – Jamie B (Confirmed), Jill A (Confirmed), Kelly G (Confirmed), Cynthia C. (Confirmed), Miz V. (Confirmed)
JACK’s Pizza Giveaway – Kyhere H. (Confirmed)

June Winners: Giveaway – Austin B (Confirmed)
CVS Giveaway – Paula M. (Confirmed)
Alabama Spa Giveaway – Deb S. (Confirmed)
Golden Island Jerky Giveaway – Richard H.
Turner Coupon Giveaway – Mihaela D. (Confirmed), Claire

May Winners: Giveaway – Katie R (Confirmed)
Balance Bars Giveaway – Amber (Confirmed)
Terro Giveaway – Kendra C. (Confirmed)
Cap That Giveaway – Shelley P.
Origami Giveaway – Lori V. (Confirmed)

March Winners:

Uncommonly Cute Giveaway – Nancy D (Confirmed)
Ambertick Collar Giveaway – Samii M (Confirmed)
Puppet Monster Giveaway – Tamar S (Confirmed)

February Winners:

The Fantasy Box Giveaway – Theresa D (Confirmed)
Frosty Paws Giveaway – David H (Confirmed), James B , Shelley P (Confirmed)
ShushBye Baby Giveaway – Austin B (Confirmed)
Shutterfly Giveaway – Cassandra E. (Confirmed)
Robby Wash Giveaway – Kat P T (Confirmed) Giveaway – Cassandra M. (Confirmed)
Hallmark Giveaway – Lisa R. (Confirmed)
Newsletter Giveaway – Sandra D. (Confirmed)
EdenFantasys Giveaway – Kiara A (Confirmed)

January Winners:

Neu Year Calendar Giveaway – Geri N (Confirmed)
PlayOn and PlayLater Giveaway – Jennifer M (Confirmed), Jason B (Confirmed),  Tabathia B (Confirmed)

December Winners:

Gingerbread Candle Giveaway – Jessica (Confirmed)
MailPix Giveaway – Lisa G. (Confirmed)
Cafepress Giveaway – Denise (Confirmed)
Tech21 Giveaway – Austin B (Confirmed)
Scribblenauts Unlimited Giveaway – Laura J. (Confirmed)
Paint Your Life Giveaway – Brooke M (Confirmed)
Reebok Giveaway – Denise M (Confirmed)
Stompeez Giveaway – Kristy M. (Confirmed) Giveaway – Alison W. (Confirmed)

November Winners: Gift Card – Ryan M. (Confirmed)
FixMeStick – Saver S (Confirmed)
Tom and Jerry DVD – Jessica (Confirmed)
FTD College Roses – Vikki (Confirmed)

October Winners:
5 Elements to Effective Thinking – michelle w (Confirmed)
Live Nations – Karen M (Confirmed)
Listerine Smart Rinse – Jenny Q (Confirmed)
Chef Edition SpiceStack – Rab Pom (Confirmed)
End of Summer Giveaway – Alicia T. (Confirmed)
Swanky Outlet Giveaway – Sarah Harding (Confirmed)

September Winners:
Funbites Giveaway – Beth Anne Palacios (Confirmed)
BIC Soleil Razor Giveaway – Karen Medlin (Confirmed), Ju P. (Confirmed), Sharon Hankins (Confirmed) , Jenny Arnold (Confirmed), Heather Strouse Zeh (Confirmed)
Headbands of HOPE Giveaway – Rab Pom (Confirmed), Georgiana O (Confirmed), Sarah Elston Yurga (Confirmed)
WonderMind Kit Giveaway – Shelley P (Confirmed)
BIC Giveaway – Nonnahs H (Confirmed)
Hallmark Giveaway – Kelly A. T. (Confirmed)

August Winners:
Walmart Giveaway – Elena I (Confirmed)
Tiny Prints Giveaway – Caitlin M (Confirmed)
Nature Box Giveaway – Jeffrey (Confirmed)
Fathead Giveaway – Amelia G. (Confirmed)
EatSmart GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale Giveaway – Kendra W. (Confirmed)
YumYum Dishes Giveaway – Lori B. V. (Confirmed)
D-Link MovieNite Plus Giveaway – Kendra W. (Confirmed)
Tail Towns Figurine – Danielle T
French Toast Giveaway – Shelley P.
Soft Claws Giveaway – Krystal T. (Confirmed)
Plaqclnz Giveaway – Sarah M. (Confirmed)
Roboform – Wendy W. (Confirmed), Jessica H. (Confirmed) , Janet F. (Confirmed) , Katy (Confirmed), Katie R. (Confirmed), Debbie C. (Confirmed), Carolyn D. (Confirmed), ky2here, Nadine L.(Confirmed), Tiffany (Confirmed)
Bulu Box – Georgiana O. (Confirmed)
Magicjack Plus – Jack (Confirmed)

July Winners:
Terro Home Insect Killer – Tamar (Confirmed)

June Winners:
Easy Canvas – Katie S. (Confirmed)
Hugs Bone Silicone Baking Tray – Katie R (Confirmed)
Simply Spray Paint – Jacie (Confirmed)
Hydro Bone – Lori V. (Confirmed)
eclos Skin Care – Jess (Confirmed)
Pet Gel Mat – Amber (Confirmed)
Puplight2 – Jules M (Confirmed)

May Winners:
Salonpas Topical Pain Relief  – Heather! (Confirmed)
Uprinting Canvas Print – Georgiana (Confirmed)
Picture Keeper – Carrie (Confirmed)
Terro Wasp & Hornet Killer – Richard M. (Confirmed) , Valerie (Confirmed)
Granite State Grave Markers Plaque – Melanie M. (Confirmed)

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